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Posting pet ads, our new policy


It’s been more than a year since we tightened our pet posting policy here at, with new safeguards such as holding ads for up to 48 hours in order for our live moderation team to review them. During this time, we witnessed the lengths to which some people go to circumvent our Terms of Use in order to profit from the sale of pets with little consideration for animal welfare issues. So, in collaboration with the BC SPCA, and in order to find the best way possible to ensure the health and welfare of household pets, we have decided to no longer allow ads from breeders and those suspected of profiting from the sale of pets on local sites.

We recognize that there are many reputable and accredited breeders continuing excellent lineages in Canada.  In fact, several members of our team have purebred pets that they love and adore. However, classified sites are not qualified or capable of distinguishing between these legitimate breeders and those simply profiting from the trafficking of animals with no regard to the issues that plague animal welfare such as pet overpopulation, puppy mills, and animal safety.

We will continue to allow the private rehoming of pets and the adoption of pets from rescue organizations to help find forever homes for animals in need.

We are working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible and hope that our users understand that as a company we are committed to the welfare of animals. This is a big step for us and our team are manually reviewing every pet ad on each of our 84 local classified sites across Canada, the UK and US. We ask that you work with us during this transition and if you do see pet ads that you suspect should no longer be on our sites, please use the “Report Ad” button, in the top right corner of any ad.


We expect this change to our pet posting policy will have little to no impact on reputable breeders as they have established ways of connecting with potential pet owners such as; participation in the Canadian Kennel Club and breed specific clubs, word of mouth recommendations, websites and social media channels.

Many reputable breeders don’t breed until they have a waitlist of owners ready – when you see ads for pets sales on classified sites, this may indicate that the breeder has produced pets without a waitlist, potentially contributing to pet overpopulation issues. If you are looking for a purebred puppy or kitten from a breeder, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has some excellent guidelines for choosing a reputable and responsible breeder.

No matter how you decide to adopt a pet into your family, recommends that your pet be spayed or neutered when they are old enough (speak to your vet about what’s right for your pet). We encourage those rehoming through our sites to spay or neuter the pets prior to adoption, but since we aren’t able to regulate this, we can only educate our users.

If you have any questions for us, we welcome a chance to answer them. Please email or comment below. We are looking forward to furthering our work with humane societies and reputable rescue organizations.


Why haven’t you taken down ads for free pets?

We understand the concerns around ads for free pets and that’s why we, along with the BC SPCA, absolutely recommend a rehoming fee.

The option for posting a household pet for “free” has been removed from our sites. In addition, household pets no longer appear in our popular free category.

Some users may choose not to request a fee as they do not want to be perceived as profiting from the rehoming of their pet. Money is not the only qualifier for selecting a suitable forever home for pets, we encourage those rehoming to do their due diligence.

We have a live moderation team that views every household pet ad before it is displayed on our sites. We hope our community of users will continue to be vigilant in alerting us to suspicious ads by clicking the “Report ad” button.

What is a reasonable rehoming fee?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all rehoming fee for household pets. Along with the BC SPCA, we recommend that those rehoming a pet do their research and look at things like: what are other pets of the same bred being rehomed for, the age and health of the pet, and the rehoming/adoption fees at your local humane societies or SPCA branches.

What about horses?

Based on industry feedback, we’ve moved horses to their own category in Farming & Agriculture. Our new policy, protecting household pets, is another step in raising industry standards to improve animal welfare. We’re welcoming feedback.

I don’t actually profit from the pets I breed, why can’t I still post?

Profit margins are irrelevant, this new policy is to stop unscrupulous breeders from exploiting animals through online pet sales. This is being done to protect the welfare of animals and those who are legitimate breeders. Classified sites like ours are not qualified to distinguish between reputable breeders and those breeding with little regard for animal welfare. Therefore we are prohibiting household pet ads from all breeders.

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has provided recommendations on finding reputable breeders:


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57 Responses to “Posting pet ads, our new policy”

Mo Martin

Thanks for doing this! Your concern for animal welfare is much appreciated 🙂



    I agree! Thank you so much for being so pro-active and concerned.


The SPCA hates competition.



    What a ridiculous thing to say. You clearly don’t know anything about how the SPCA operates or anything about the safety and welfare of animals. It would be great if you would educate yourself on these matters before commenting. UsedEverywhere has made a great leap forward by implementing this change.

    Daphne Riggs

    There are just as many unscrupulous rescues as there are breeders. A label does not determine whether a person is reputable or not. I have seen just as many horrifying “rescue” stories as I have seen breeders. There are good and bad in every walk of life. This is a ridiculous and biased policy.

Vera Cardinal

Hats off to you Used!





Phil Bulled

This is probably the most misguided action I have seen in a long time. If you look at the cost of breeding in a reputable fashion as well as the costs of maintaining the adults, reputable breeders make virtually nothing on the sale of pets. These claims can be substantiated by the cost as published on the BCSPCA website. The end result of this will be animals being dumped in the country or dropped off at the SPCA who will then sell them at high prices. In one move the BCSPCA is cornering the pet market!



    I highly doubt the SPCA is trying to “corner the pet market” by selling cats and dogs for $200-400. Yes, some cute, friendly, young, and otherwise desirable animals move quickly and make money for their shelter, but many are there for months and some for over a year, literally eating up space and resources.

    Meanwhile, I’m about to pay $2000 for a very specific dog from a reputable breeder. Comparatively, $400 seems like a steal, and someone who can’t afford that can always look for an animal being rehomed by the owner…which can still be done on UsedEverywhere.

    scarlet helman

    Sorry NOT correct. As a former breeder for 25 yrs I NEVER had to post anywhere – I always had a waiting list for my puppies BEFORE I even did the breeding as do many reputable breeders. Those who HAVE to post aren’t and are just interested in making money :/


    Thank you for commenting.


    Absolutely cornering the market. I pai over $200 for my rescue cat. Why, because he was a PUREBRED Persian. Tell me why such a mark-up if it isn’t for the money! Normal fee for cat adoption was $60. After they neutered him he now has to be on expensive food for life or he develops crystals in his urine which will kill him! Neutered male cats are more prone to this issue as a result of neutering. They said nothing. Rescue is a business, period.


    Daphne: You paid a premium for your purebred cat because people will pay more for purebred cats. Cat rescues (and I imagine dog rescues as well) do NOT make money on adoption fees. We lost money on EVERY cat adopted except for male kittens (because kittens = higher adoption fee, and males are cheaper to sterilize). You charge extra where you can (such as on kittens or purebred cats) to help make up the deficit.
    Rescue IS a business because you have to maintain it like one – to maintain charity status especially. However, there is NO profit to be made. Most rescues have transparent financial records which you can request to see. Trust me, no one is in cat rescue for a sweet paycheque.


    People don’t realize how shady some of the practice of the BC SPCA really are… They seized out of a vets office and uthenized two of mine years ago just becaause they couldn’t easily handle them to medicate them


    Hi, I’m really sorry to hear about your personal experience.
    We hope that our Pet Posting Policy ensures that all animals posted to our site are treated with the love and care they deserve, as that is our goal!


This is fantastic news!!


Hilary Paskal

Thank you for taking a stand to help animals! Well done!


Diane C Nicholson

Well done.

So good to see the interest of companion animals rising above those of simple profit.

Thank you.

Now, if we can just take it a step further and include “food” animals in that policy…. Or, perhaps you already have.


Lee Stempski

How come ‘Horses’ have been moved to another category? A lot of us consider our horses our pet.. am sure you’re going to get A LOT of feedback regarding this change.



    Based on industry feedback, we’ve moved horses to their own category in Farming & Agriculture. Our new policy, protecting household pets, is another step in raising industry standards to improve animal welfare. We’re welcoming feedback.


    OMG. Are you really complaining about a minor category change? Farming is a reasonable place to list horses since you need a FARM to have one.

Lee Stempski

Why have ‘Horses’ been moved to another category? A lot of us think that our horses are our pets…. you are going to have a lot of feedback regarding this change.



Way to go! Wish kiji would follow your lead. Thank you!!


    Angella Jennings

    Yes Kijiji needs to change. However since they still have not changed their pet policy (which they have denied changing) they are obviously more about profiting off of this industry and are part of the problem. What we can do, is send our concerns to Kijiji & boycott their site until they follow in’s steps!

Lori Squarcetta

Thank you for taking a stand on pets being sold online. Your concern for animal welfare is to be applauded. Thank you!!



Big kudos to you for putting animals’ lives before profit!!! I’m choosing UsedEverywhere over stubborn, animal-indifferent Kijiji (whose CEO refuses to change their harmful animal policies) for buy/sell from now on!



Great move! Just last week I found a small dog with no collar running loose in the park. Being a decent human I asked a lady nearby walking her own small dog. She knew the location of the owner and the dog was returned.

Would have been easy to grab the dog, snap a photo and sell him online to anyone with cash.

Thank you for making this less easy.

I love buying and selling stuff on your site. But dogs and cats are not ‘stuff’. They deserve more protection that a table or toaster.



    The new rule only applies to breeders, you can still sell your house hold pet just not puppies, and rescues can still sell dogs they take in.
    Someone can still take someone dogs and post it for sale here.


    Geez don’t hurt yourself patting yourself on the back.


I believe usedeverywhere is taking one side, anyone asking for money in exchange for a product (pet). Is profiting then, as you are gaining money for the animal. If you ask for a price for a pet it’s a sale. Sale = Profit Does the term “breeder” include cat, reptile, bird, horse breeders. As this movement is to stop puppymills, what about cat mills etc. what about all the puppymills that dump dogs at rescues to get rid of them. Are the rescues not supporting puppymills, by giving them a place to dump used up or unsold dogs. Rescues play on the heart strings that all breeders abuse their dogs and live a horrible life. All breeders do not health test, or breed for good temperaments. That dogs live in cages and suffer. (this is far from the truth) “one or two puppy mills don’t make all breeders puppy mills, you can not be a CKC breeder with out following a large list of regulations to get approved as an accepted CKC member breeder. Without devoted breeders all our purebred dogs would die out. All we would have is puppymill dogs and irresponsible bred dogs. It’s estimated that less than 5% of dogs in shelters are CKC registered. I hope Kijiji stands their ground and does not let people push them into a new trend, that all breeders are these horrible people. I like that Kijiji give you an option to post as a CKC breeder, and that all money collected for advertising a % is given to shelters. There is a place for rescue and purebred dogs. I myself would not risk the chance on a rescue with my kids, or financially to my family. Too risky, I don’t have 8000 if I adopted a dog and it had Hip Dysplasia in one hip to fix it, it would heart bred my kids to have to see the dog returned or put down. I would want a breeder guarantee, or get a dog from a breeder that tested the parents to ensure the puppy wouldn’t suffer from this. People need to stop and look at both sides.



    Our new policy applies to all household pets, not just dogs. This is yet another steps towards helping with animal welfare issues that continue to be a problem for the online classified industry. We’re welcoming all feedback, thanks!

    Angella Jennings

    Selling/rehoming a pet whether it be a dog or otherwise on a classified website (imo & thankfully many others share my opinion) is simply not the right avenue, as classified ad sites cannot screen or monitor every ad to prevent puppy mills or poor backyard breeders from slipping in. Continuing on in this fashion will only contribute to an over abundance pet population problem & fuel the puppymill industry. I hope that you can see that is not saying that ALL breeders or “bad” and ALL rescues are “good”, it’s just that they are not in a position to ensure that ALL of these avenues are legitimate in protecting animals against puppy mills & the like. Eliminating breeders of all kinds is one significant positive step against supporting puppy mills, they are not taking sides it’s change/forward thinking. Responsible, quality breeders will NEVER need to advertise on classified ad sites, their established reputation speaks for themselves.

Sandy C.

Thank you for this wonderfully compassionate and progressive decision! Used continues to set the standard as an industry leader with socially responsible advertising practices. Big kudos to Used!



If one advertisement place shuts down a new one will open,
Breeders will just use a new site and Kijiji business will jump 100%. Check out this new site:




Phyllis Graham

I am really impressed with Used – new standards.

Yes – Let’s hope others follow.


Don T

This policy is overall a good one but punishes the responsible minority that no longer have a good avenue to adopt out a pet that can no longer be loved and cared for properly. It will put an extra strain on the already overtaxed resources of the various protection agencies that are in my opinion overextended.
I have over the last 25 years contributed a significant amount of funds to many different humane agencies ranging from SPCA thru PETA ETC.
I recently adopted a two year old cat from an extremely responsible couple that could no longer care/nurture this incredible creature, from your Used Victoria Site. I was required to visit and be interviewed for what turned out to be a Two and half hour make sure that their “child” had the best possible chance of a good life.
I would have done the same form of adoption if i was forced to be separated from my pet/family due to life’s sometimes unfortunate turns.
I Believe Used Victoria is Doing a Great Disservice to Responsible Caring People who Will No Longer Have this Avenue to Adopt Out there Pet/Pet’s. The same disservice the small cross section of “Animal Lover’s” that Accumulate more Creatures than they can reasonably care for!!
I think a modified version of your policy would be a proper reaction than a 100% no access to the Public thru your Site.



    Hi Don,

    The rescuing and rehoming of pets is still welcome on our sites.

mara heasman

GREAT – will be using and so will anyone I speak to, your site in the future…


Tracy Donnelly

very ill informed, disappointing decision. You don’t think that there.are unethical rescues out there profiting from “trafficking animals” ? Either your company gets nice perks from retail.rescues or you have really drank the animal rights extremist Kool Aid..


Deborah Alverson

I totally agree that reputable breeders have many ways of placing their puppies and dogs without using classified ads.

I find issue with the idea that those you are still letting post are not selling a dog. Anytime you take money for something you are selling it. I’ve also found most “rescues” to expect people to pay exorbitant amounts for dogs that rival most reputable breeder prices. At least if you go through a good breeder you are getting a dog with a known history, health/genetic testing of the parents and grandparents, and a good idea of the temperament the dog will have as an adult. Between that and the fact that these same rescues require more information than the adoption of a child you can be sure that I’ll be going to a reputable breeder for my next dog and not a rescue.



Thank you so much for doing this. I wish that all classified ad sites would follow your lead (and all pet stores that sell puppies and kittens, for that matter).

The people who think that the SPCA is overcharging or trying to rip people off are ridiculous. We adopted an older cat for $40, which is a fraction of what they spent on her vet visits, shots, spaying, and food. We have had her for a few years and she is the friendliest and most loving cat.



    Just because you paid $40 doesn’t mean other people like myself didn’t pay over $200! Why, he was a PUREBRED Persian. Tell me why such a mark-up if it isn’t for the money! Normal fee for cat adoption was $60. After they neutered him he has to be on expensive food for life or he develops crystals in his urine which will kill him! Neutered male cats are more prone to this issue as a result of neutering. They said nothing. Rescue is a business, period.

    Angella Jennings

    Totally agree, the SPCA doesn’t over charge, yes they may charge $40-$200 but that is to cover the basics; spay, neutering, dental’s or any other surgeries (if not on every animal but for those that need it). I find this adoption fee odd to be upset about! Pets are expensive. To blame an organization for fixing their animals which contributed to your pets future health issues, really doesn’t add up. If every male fixed cat developed crystals do you think Vet’s, along with the SPCA would continue to do so? Besides fixing animals reduces their chances in developing cancer. All rescues need to fix their animals to ensure that no future breeding takes place.

Elaine Gardner

Great news! Next we need to see how there is no difference between a dog, pig, cow, chicken etc. All deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. No animal is a commodity.


sandra robinson.

i just received, a notice from USED saying that they no longer advertize pups. I would assume that they have finally knuckled under to the SPCA that sell pups for profit. Also I see that rescues can advertize, not all of them are reputable. Its a business There are some honest ones., but many are not. Some people want pups that have no issues, health or temperament wise. If I were depending on the profit I make on my pups, I would have starved to death .



    Our new pet posting policy, is not about how much money is generated, it’s about non-qualified people breeding household pets. Classified sites aren’t able to distinguish the reputable breeders from the backyard breeders, so we’ve had to remove them all. If you see pet ads that you feel violate our new policy, please use report the ads. Thanks for your comments.


    Qualified, are you kidding me!? Anyone can become a rescue. There is no qualification. I know personally several so called rescues who are awful. There are just as many news articles on horrible and unscrupulous rescues as there are breeders. There is NO predetermined qualification to label oneself a rescue. Shelters are just as bad. This is coming from someone that has been highly involved in both until it made me sick the stories I could tell. I washed my hands of it all. You bought into the propaganda, congratulations. You can now enable hoarders and sociopaths. Are there decent rescues, sure but there are just as many bad. Every walk of life has good and bad, regardless of their label.


I thank you for your efforts but really take down all pets for sale .



Daphne, so you paid $200 for a purebred cat. That was your choice; you obviously wanted a purebred. Perhaps you should have done some research on that particular breed and made your self aware of any potential problems.



Do you have any info on the dog in the second picture. I adopted a dog from the Parksville BCSPCA a couple of years ago, he is identical to this dog in your picture. Was hoping to get some info on what he is breed wise, maybe hes related to my dog even.


    Amber R Bosma

    Hi Gary, this little pup was a friend we made at a pet event last year. Unfortunately we don’t have any of his details. Amber


This topic is old, there is now ads for puppies and kittens for sale on this site again.

If someone has bred their pet are they not breeders, or considered a back yard breeder. Is unintentional breeding allowed as these pets need homes but are not from a regular breeder. Used everywhere can tell who’s the good breeders are by asking for CKC membership numbers and proof of membership card with current year showing. And any other breed registry that requires health testing on breeding dogs and yearly memberships, back yard breeders don’t spend the money to health test or register dogs as it cuts into their profits etc. For this site to monitor the good breeders it would take to much time, and is why they have sided with the pressure from rescue organization to just ban all breeders.

There is no regulations to be a rescue person or group. People steal dogs and sell them as rescues or unwanted dogs all the time, it’s a huge million dollar business and has been happening for years. This site offers people which steal or get free dogs to be able to sell and market them. Real rescue organizations like SPCA have web sites that people can go to, they do not need to advertise on sites like this. So why do some rescues need to market dogs to sell them. Who are they and were did these dogs come from. PuppyMills in the USA? Shelters that took puppymill dogs from the USA, so are you supporting these mills by taking on these dogs. Are you supporting someone that is selling puppymill or stolen dogs to make a living off of them? Vs supporting a breeder that health tests and follows strict breeding practices. A breeder that devotes their life to raising healthy pets, that are safe for the public and families? People don’t think of the bigger picture.

I feel this site should ban the sale of all pets. Even the sales of rescue dogs, or people that can’t keep their pets, as it’s not regulated and who knows if the dog is stolen, sick or from a puppymill or back yard breeder. If someone wants to sell a dog they can use sites that support selling pets, like Kijiji, hoobly, adpost, oodle the list goes on. For people that want rescues they can look up rescue web sites, they are easy to find with a quick google search.



good article


Angella Jennings

Thank you for implementing the changes for selling pets on your site. Please consider going one step further by eliminating ALL pets from your site, reputable rescues along with breeders have their own avenues to sell/adopt out their animals. That way your not viewed upon as taking “sides”. Again thank you for your continued efforts to help fight against puppy mills etc… It would be easier to let everybody post, as I am sure you have lost $ on your end by filtering who is allowed to post on your site & that is a statement in itself!!!!! Kudo’s to U, Thank U!



Great article! Thank you for your concern for animals. Please keep it up



    Hey Zara, thanks for sending us this feedback! We love hearing from our users and are happy to hear you’re on the same page as us! We will definitely keep it up! 🙂

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