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Play a little game

Awhile back I posted about a cool board game I found in a secondhand store.

Last night my family played a round of Careers, another vintage game we have on our shelves. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Unfortunately it was missing some rather important score sheets, so my husband did a quick search online and printed them off. (I just realized you can find and print scans of the original score sheets from 1957! Check out this PDF.) Did you know you can also do this with Monopoly money? You can print your own OneFiveTenTwentyFiftyOne Hundred and Five Hundred dollar denominations. (AND FEEL RICH!)

Missing game pieces are also an unfortunate reality of buying secondhand games. That’s why I started collecting them separately. I can’t tell you how handy this has been!

jar of random game pieces

You grab a die or playing piece when you need one. Handy eh?

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Mary @ Parenthood

Since they have phased out monopoly money altogether, I’m glad to hear we can print it!



    Seriously?! I am assuming they replaced it with a debit card? How annoying! How can you enjoy playing Monopoly without a fistful of cold hard cash!


Seriously, they’ve phased out Monopoly money? I let our kids fool around with it here, ours is all crumpled and torn. Guess I should be more careful with it!

Your jar of game pieces is brilliant. I’ll be starting one myself.


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