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New Years Resolutions

It’s time to start thinking about next year’s resolutions…. I have a horrible time trying to decide on mine. But over the years I’ve come up with some methods that have helped me out:

Walk around the house
When I can’t figure out what to put down on my list, sometimes it helps to just stroll around the house. You might see a couple piles in the corner of projects you’ve started but never finished. Maybe that picture of your kids hanging in the hallway triggers a train of thought… Your home is full of memories, and by taking a little walk through, with a notepad, you just might come up with a few ideas.

Think about it on an empty belly
Yes, with the holidays comes vast amounts of food. And with it, the full belly! And so, because of all those big meals, I always seem to have “Exercise More” on my list. But, maybe if I think about my resolutions when I’m not so full, I could be more specific. An example? Go for more walks, learn to mountain climb, or start pumping iron twice a week.

Be specific
Big grandiose resolutions always seem to fail. Like that broad “Exercise More” resolution that I just mentioned. For me, it always helps when I shrink it down to something specific. So, instead of “Organise my house,” try deciding on a specific room to organise, like “Clean out the garage.” It also helps when I write out some specific notes about how I’m going to tackle the project. If the goal is to clean out the garage, then you might want to look up when the next community garage sale is, (like the one UsedEverywhere cohosted in Port Hardy), where your nearest donation centres are and what’s accepted at your local recycling centre. And don’t forget to make make sure you have your camera ready to take pictures of things you want to sell, and then place a free ad on your local site!

Write them down
Finally, I always find it helps when I write down my resolutions and tell someone! So what are some of yours? And if you’ve got some other tips on how to write your resolutions, we’d love to hear about them!

Also, check in on Cole’s Top Ten New Years Resolutions later this week if you’re in need of some inspiration; he just might have a couple gems for you! Speaking of… if you’re still not sure what to wear for Thursday night’s festivities, make sure you read his latest Top Ten of Things to Wear for New Year’s Eve!
Happy New Years!

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