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New Category Suggestions

Have you ever tried to post or search for an item on your local, only to find that there are no categories that describe the item in question? We’re in the process of revising our category list. You know, the specific sections of our site that you browse through to find your favorite stuff? Categories like “Electronics > Video > TVs” are pretty straight forward if you’re searching for or selling a television, but maybe you’ve been looking for a Marine Equipment section to offload your boat or find sonar equipment on the cheap. Whatever your disposition, we want your feedback. Take part in the site’s evolution and tell us what categories you would like to see. If you’d like to be extra helpful, tell us of an instance where you wanted to buy or sell a particular item (or service) but weren’t able to find it on our site.

We want to make your life easier! Post your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments box below.

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