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National Sweater Day Is Actually A Thing

This coming Thursday February 7th is National Sweater Day – the one day in winter you turn down the heat and put a sweater on to go easy on the environment and our country’s natural resources. Er, what?

It snows here more than half the year. We have the world’s largest skating rink. We pop out hockey players by the baker’s dozen. We invented the snowmobile. If you’re wearing t-shirts during the winter, you should have to hand in your Canadian passport.

We live in a wintery climate – Canada the Cold is a worldwide cliché. Every Canadian knows by now that setting your thermostat back when you’re away at work and while you’re sleeping saves money, not to mention uses up fewer of our country’s natural resources and creates less air pollution. Duh. Who wants to pay to heat their house when they’re not even there anyway? True Canadians turn down their thermostats every day, not just on February 7th (exceptions granted for those with underpowered furnaces compared to their house size).

If you want to join the ranks of the winter-hardy, check out this slideshow of tips on how to trim the fat on your heating bill. If you want to wear shorts and t-shirts in the winter, have you heard of National Sweater Day?

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Saving the planet is a nice side benefit to going green, but I have to admit I'm in it for the money. Why pay more for new when used is better?

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