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Movie Memorabilia: Who You Gonna Call?

Call us! Well, browse us!

With it being awards season, we’re going movie crazy at the UsedHQ. Below we’ve listed our favourite movie memorabilia finds from the sites.

If you’re looking for something specific here are some search tips:

  • Use our search function and try variations on words and phrases to search for
  • Make the most of our alert function to receive an email when a new item is posted in a category
  • Use our map function if you’re not prepared to travel for an item
  • The categories Art and Antiques and Hobbies and Collectibles are the best place to search for collectibles/memorabilia (and list if you’re selling)
  • Do you research on price

Vintage Film Projector

This Bell & Howell Super 8 Autoload home movie film projector, found on, is a real beauty and after doing our research, is also a great price at just $30. For real buffs, this would be a fun way to add some “vintage” to your movie watching space, either as a functional tool or as cool retro decor.

Ghostbusters Mens’ T-Shirt

“Who you gonna call?” Whoever is selling this rad 1980s’ tee on that’s who! If you’re looking for specific movie memorabilia search the movie’s title. That’s how we came across this Ghostbusters tee. Four words: GLOW.IN.THE.DARK.

Horror Movie Action Figurines

Love nightmares? Then take these horror movie action figures and put them as far away from us as possible. Found on

Vintage Movie Posters: 1970-1990

We are lusting over this large collection of vintage movie posters in Ottawa. Raise your hand if you don’t want a picture of the young Goldie Hawn on your wall. Nah, didn’t think so.

Comic Books and Trading Cards

So many of our favourite movies originate from comic books. Our sites are a hub for these cool collectibles. Check out this huge collection of comic books for sale on

These amazing vintage trading cards are listed in the Hobbies & Collectibles category on Items like this appear on our sites regularly but there are always more people looking than selling, so if you have vintage memorabilia you are willing to sell, list it for sale on your local site!

Movie Awards and Posters

We searched “movie” on to find these beautiful Original Movie Posters and Awards! It’s a broad terms so we did quite a lot of browsing, which is and always will be our idea of internet heaven. This collection would be a cool addition to a home theatre, or even to your bathroom. You have a movie themed bathroom, too, don’t you? 

Selling Your Movie Memorabilia on

Do you have movie memorabilia sitting around your house, collecting dust or boxed up in the attic? If you do have something hiding, now’s the time to search it out and post it on your local site. With awards season upon us, you could make some extra money simply by selling your items to someone who wants to buy it for their own collection! Remember to always do your research on price and post an image with your item. Images sell an item much faster.

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