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This spring why not pay off your debt from your seasonal decluttering? If getting cash for your unwanted items isn’t enough, we’re adding extra incentive to sell them on, just add the hashtag #moolafordebt to your ads and you’ll be eligible to win a variety of local prizes.

Prizes include:



To join the contest users must:

  1. Include #moolafordebt in their ad descriptions
  2. Post ads while logged into their user account

Daily FREE AdBooster

Participants are eligible for one FREE daily AdBooster. Use the promo code: MOOLA and fill out the AdBooster form here.

AdBoosters are best used on ads that have been posted long enough to descended down the page of listings as new ads are posted. Boosting an ad the moment after it’s been posted will not change it’s position in the ad category.

Top Ad rewards

Participants are eligible to receive a FREE Top Ad after posting 20 ads with the #moolafordebt hashtag. Additional Top Ads may be claimed after 35, 45 and 50 ads are posted! Email to claim your Top Ad.

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