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Michael’s Top Ten: Red Things, eh

Every year on July 1st, residents of the Great White North celebrate the birth of their country. To some, the celebrations commemorate the anniversary of Canada’s independence by way of the Constitution Act. To others, it’s an opportunity to showcase their love of red (that’s rouge to our friends in the East) in a grand public display. Here’s a list of 10 items from sites for the latter:

10) Red Shoes For Your Kids

9) Red Slippers for You

8) Celebrate Canada With Your Short Game

7) Hold Your Computer in a Red Sleeve

6) Hold Your Lipstick in a Red Bag

5) Red Patriot(ic) Bass Guitar

4) Red Corvette for Kids

3) Red Belly Dancing Hip Scarf (Truly Canadian)

2) Foam Canada Cowboy Hat

1) Nothing’s More Canadian

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