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Michael’s Top Ten “Saw You” Letters

The “I Saw You” page, located in the Personals section of your local site, provides a way for the awestruck and the lovelorn to get in touch with their missed connections. It’s for the businessperson with a crush on a coworker, for the student admiring a classmate, and for the traveler in search of an old friend. I’ve posted ten letters that I hope you’ll find intriguing. Give them a read and, if you feel inspired, write one of your own.

10) “I didn’t want to disturb your meal”

“It was Friday afternoon. I was sitting on the left facing the window and you walked in. You sat across me on my left. You we’re reading a book. I was wearing a black vest and white dress shirt. I think you’re beautiful. I was shy and didn’t wanna disturb your meal. I hope you find this as I’d like to get to know you.”

9) Paper Bag Elegance

“When: Wednesday, January 27th, between 12:05 and 12:50 P.M.

Where: Lobby of Clarica Building (between Bank and O’Connor)

Who: Very elegant lady dressed in black with dark hair sitting at a table facing the deck close to the waterfall. You were talking to a gentleman dressed in black. You looked through a magazine you took out from a paper bag.

What: I would like to talk to you.

Why: Because you are the most amazing lady I ever saw.

Thank you.”

8) From Ireland with Love

“I saw you in the Eatons Centre on Friday at lunch, you were wearing a midlength coat & Boots. You have a Celtic style Butterfly Tat on your right calf. Our Eyes met, I am too shy.”

7) “Sleepless in Regina” (Motley Crue Concert)

“You were with a freind and so was I. I dont think we said two words to each other all night but we seemed to have a mutual attraction for each other(I know you were working for me. We were standing at the rail and you guys were two rows in front of us. We shared some smiles, rocked a bit and then shared some innocent hugs and kisses before I was stupid enough to let you walk away without giving you my or getting your number. This may be a reach but I just thought if we could have that kind of connection without even talking, it would be foolish not to at least try to carry this further.I hope you are able to find this message and feel the same way.”

6) Leave it to Fate

“All I know for sure is your name is Annie and I am not much younger than you–your birthday is on Christmas Day–nor are you tall. But you are unbelievably cute and sexy with short dyed-black hair and a nice, noticable figure. And I know you visit the casino on occasion.

You have no computer, so it’s doubtful that you’ll ever read this. Perhaps you have a friend or acquaintance in Sidney who will happen to read this and mention it to you. Then, if dinner is still intriguing to you, have them email me.

I return to Sidney on occasion to browse the used bookstores and hoping to see you somewhere in town. I’ve even ventured out to the casino so my friend can gamble while I look for you.

Fate may decree that we never meet again which could be sad for both of us. Perchance destiny may speak differently.”

5) Crash Into Me

“Okay This is such a shot in the dark but I figured what do i have to loose. Tuesday October 27th around 5:30 at the Southland Mall Safeway. I made eyes with a man with blonde curly hair and light eyes wearing a great wool coat. We made eye contact and smiled at the delhi counter after his crash encounter with a display sign. If my chance this is you..I really would of liked to of said Hello…”

4) Love at First Sight

“I bumped into you in the checkout last month. You were wearing green uof r sweatpants and a red hoodie. You were buying cesar dog food. You stole my heart in that brief instant. Please email me!”

3) There’s Something about that Dog Food

“Friday, January 15 at 4:15pm you pulled in to the parking lot in your truck. I was behind you in my gold Jeep. You were at the counter first asking for a big blue bag of dog food. I was right behind you. Then you were out on the loading dock waiting for the dog food and I came up to the dock and you smiled at me. I smiled back. You are a cute guy, kinda short like me, with dark hair. I am a petite girl, dark-haired, wearing jeans and a white jacket. I would love to see you again.”

2) A Genuine Missed Connection

“Saw you before getting a haircut at around 5pm…you talked a bit to me. You had longer blond hair, I was wearing a blue jacket. You had a bike outside and you were getting ready for the rain when I left. I regretted leaving with out talking more…so I came back but you were gone. Would like to talk a bit more..if u r interested”

1) “A little work, a little play”

“HI, or well that’s what I’ve been meaning to say. You work at my corporate gym, sitting behind the counter with your dark eyes and beaming smile. We’ve exchanged looks and friendly smiles, but when my face is bright red and I’m panting from my run, I never quite feel it’s the right time to make a move. I don’t always know if my heart is pounding from the run or because I caught a glance of you from across the room. Come say hi to me next time or show me some moves of your own?”

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