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Michael’s Top Ten Feel Good Items

Are you feeling blue? The last week in January is notoriously plagued with chilly weather and low motivational levels. It also serves as a chilling reminder that our Christmas debt is rising and our New Year’s Resolutions aren’t going quite as well as we would have hoped. Never fear, loyal readers! This week’s top ten list of goodies are here to keep you feeling warm, inside and out:
10. Elliptical Trainer

Those of us who have tried an elliptical trainer know that they’re easy on the joints, and seem to require less energy to burn more calories. Not only that, but they’ll get your blood pumping, which will keep you warm, and release those long sought after endorphins to keep you happy. It’s a two-in-one solution to a sour mood.
9. Infrared Sauna
Maybe exercise isn’t your thing. No worries, I get that. When I see rain, sleet, or snow outside that last thing I want to do is move, let alone move fast. So, naturally, sitting in a hot box and pretending I’m basking in the sun appeals to me. I don’t know exactly how the ‘concentrated infrared\’ carbon panel heaters work, but as long as they do I’m content.
8. Joni Mitchell
There’s a reason she’s lauded as one of the most influential singer/songwriter’s of the 20th century. Joni Mitchell may just be the answer to your January blues. If she’s not your cup of tea, then have a browse around your local site and find a record that does it for you. Music is escapism.
7. Snuggie Blanket
You make yourself some hot chocolate, park yourself on the couch, and wrap yourself in a blanket. But you have problem… how do you drink that delicious coco without exposing your arms to the seemingly subzero temperature in your living room? Snuggie.
6. Camping Tent
I can’t guarantee a warm excursion, but sometimes all we need to feel good is to get away from it all. You might not want to rush out the door right this weekend, but if you’re interested in a Spring camping trip with family or friends, now would be a great time to get organized. Campsites fill up pretty early, so booking this far in advance will secure your favorite spot and give you something to look forward to. Pro tip: setting up a tent in the living room and making microwave s’mores is a great way to score points with the offspring.
5. Olympics Apartment
Camping isn’t your style? Still want a getaway? Something fast-paced, you say? The Vancouver Olympics are approaching and you can join the hubbub. It’ll cost you an arm, and maybe a leg, but you’ll be right in the middle of a pretty spectacular scene.
Everyone needs “me” time, especially this time of the year. You may not be into comic books yourself, but don’t underestimate their utility. Distract whoever it is that needs distracting with some old school comics and take some time for yourself. Bubble bath?
3. Ice Cream Maker
The de facto cure for bad break-ups also remedies common despondency. Granted, you won’t want to eat it outside, but ice cream coupled with a Snuggie blanket will most certainly skyrocket your spirits (use chocolate for an added effect).
2. T-Jammies

You’re not the only one that has to face the cold temperatures, you know? Suit up your little creature with custom embroidered, T-Jammies. They’re made from recycled human t-shirts, so you can feel good about stopping the doggie shivers and global warming.
1. Cranium: Turbo Edition
Sketch. Sculpt. Act. Hum. Puzzle. Quiz. Cranium let’s everyone play to their strengths, and is a great way to spend an evening with your family and friends. The “Turbo Edition” will likely help you escape from the banal aspects of daily life even faster than before.
Hope this cheered you up! Enjoy your weekend.
– Michael

As the social media and community coordinator at, Michael is the voice you hear when you phone our 1-800 number and the text you read skim three days a week on our blog. Keep up with his antics on Twitter @MrConkin.

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