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Community collective: Outdoor adventures

As summer vacation planning is already upon us, we asked our Community Coordinators about their city’s favourite outdoor adventures. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or prefer the quiet outdoors, these local businesses offer fantastic services that you’ll love.

PEI – Outside Expeditions

Chosen by Jill and Lorenda,

Outside Expeditions offers unparalleled kayaking and cycling adventures from two Island locations. They rent out and sell kayaks, offer certified kayaking courses (you better sign up quickly for June!) and can help you with planning a bike trip across the island. They welcome all ages and experience levels with their wide selection of guided tours, rentals and courses.

Victoria – AdrenaLINE Zip Line Adventure Tours

Chosen by Carly,

Is soaring through the trees with the greatest of ease on your bucket list? Then AdrenaLINE Zip Line Adventure Tours in Sooke, BC is where you want to go! This awesome outdoor adventure company offers amazing tours for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers alike. But what’s even better than their promise to give you an exhilarating ride at up to 60 kilometer an hour over a coastal rain forest is their commitment to the environment. The company focuses on green initiatives to reduce energy consumption and is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the ecosystem and wilderness surrounding the course! An outdoor adventure at its greenest!

Vancouver – Grouse Mountain Paragliding

If you haven’t hiked up the Grouse Grind yet, it’s about time! Just keep in mind that nature’s stairmaster is no walk in the park, so prepare and don’t forget to time your hike as everyone will ask you how quickly you made it to the top. For those of you who’d like to enjoy the view without the strenuous hike, take the Skyride, the largest aerial tramway system in North America, to the top. To add a “little” adrenaline to your day, enjoy the thrilling view of Vancouver by paragliding back down. Watch green hills, the sparkling ocean and Vancouver’s stunning skyline in a tandem flight that will take your breath away!

Ottawa – Cycle Salvation

Chosen by Christa,

Did you bike to work recently? What was your excuse if you didn’t? If your bike’s not ready for summer yet or if you can’t afford to buy one, here’s our tip: Cycle Salvation. Cycle Salvation is an Ottawa based social enterprise which is on the same page as when it comes to keeping bicycles out of landfill! Not only does Cycle Salvation refurbish and sell used bikes at reasonable prices, they also offer workshops for folks to learn how to fix and maintain their bicycles. What is it they say? “Teach a village to fix their chains and they’ll ride for a week!” ~ it’s a lesser known proverb! With a triple bottom line (profit. people. planet.) we think Cycle Salvation is a great spot to donate your used bicycle or learn to maintain the wheels you’ve got!

Regina – JE Guest Ranch

Take one day, two days or a full week to spend some time in the sun. The 50 minute drive to JE Guest Ranch will be worth the trip as you’ll get a chance to learn how to ride horses, catch a bull with a lasso, work a bow and arrow and make a blazing campfire. Whether you and your family are animal lovers, hunters, gatherers or just sun lovers, a trip away from the city will recharge your batteries and make for a memorable time. So get out your dusty cowboy boots, or find some on and head outside!


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