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Lego Mania

Lego! All kids love it and you probably built houses with it when you were their age; maybe you still do? Psst.. we won’t tell. It can also be a rather painful reminder to get yourself some slippers and to clean up the living room. While they’re popular year round, February is high season with “Lego” making the top 5 search results on all major sites in 2013. So tip from the top; sell and buy used Lego in February!

In 1999 Forbes named Lego “The Toy of the Century,” for good reason. It’s timeless, known for its quality and brings out the creative engineer in all of us. But who came up with the genious idea? Here’s a little historic overview of Lego.



In 1932, in the small town of Billund, Denmark, Ole Kristiansen established his carpentry business and produced wooden toys, among other things. Soon the company needed a name so Ole combined “Leg Godt” (=play well) to form the name Lego, which he later realized means “I put together” in Latin.

In the ’40s, Ole invested in a plastic molding machine and by 1950 Lego produced interlocking blocks that came in four different colours. These bricks fit together perfectly, they could not be lifted, however, as they didn’t interlock. Godtfred, Ole’s son, invented the interlocking principle in 1957.

The basic blocks that were patented in 1958 have remained the same ever since and to this day form the most important part of construction.

After the war had ended, Lego slowly began exporting to other European countries and faded out wooden toys. They developed figures, motors and trains, larger blocks for smaller children called Duplo, new Lego blocks and play sets with instructions. The company grew, building the first Legoland and quickly expanded to new markets. They carefully worked to maintain their values of nurturing creativity and providing excellent quality. Today, there are so many different sets that it’s impossible to keep track of all the films, stories, buildings and products that have been turned into Lego sets.

Lego for Sale

We rounded up the best used Lego finds that are up for grabs right now for you. Take a look!

Bioooonicles to the rescue! Lego developed not only new toys but also a story around them, a bold move that payed off and became one of Lego’s biggest hits.

On, you can get four great looking Bionicles for only $20, but they wouldn’t pass as collector items. This brand new and rare Bionicle Umbra Story on, however, is a great addition to a collection to the top shelf where the kids can’t reach it. But what would these toys be without the story behind it? The Bionicle Book Series also on provides you with all the background information and thrilling stories of heroes, villains, and foreign planets.

Star Wars, Harry Potter and Cinderella. Lego made them all. Choose your favourite of these Lego Star Wars Minifigures from to create the story yourself. You’ll probably need some transportation for those little guys, though, so this AT-TE Clone Wars Walker, spotted on, is the perfect addition. On a less violent fairy tale note, maybe you’d like to get a Duplo Cinderella Castle for the little one? Or just some basic Duplo Blocks to introduce your children to Lego both found on

The luckiest of our users, however, live in PEI. A kindergarten is selling a huge Lego Table filled with original and new Lego blocks, which have become somewhat of a rarity. A wide ledge gives the kids a place to build their constructions. At the end of the day you can cover all the used Lego pieces and voila, you get your adult space back.

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