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January’s Top Searches Plus What to Sell in February

What are people in your area looking for? We know! We’ve listed the most sought after items in January and looked at the historical data of February to give you a heads up of what promises to sell quickly in the coming weeks.


  1. iPhone
  2. Dresser
  3. Jeep
Honorable mentions: The big L words: “Lego” and “Lululemon.”
Sell in February: Anything”weddings,” “Subarus” and “Hondas.”


  1. Snowblower
  2. Tractor
  3. Jeep
Honorable mentions: You know it’s winter when “skates” and “firewood” make the top 10.
Sell in February: “Sunfire.” Referring to the car, not the former member of the X-Men! Also, consider putting your “iPhone,” “dodge” and “cavalier” on, those should sell quickly in February.


  1. Jeep (big J)
  2. Mustang
  3. jeep (small j – just in case!)
Honorable mentions: When searching “firewood” doesn’t yield results, the next logical thing to look for is “chainsaw.”
Sell in February: Cars, lots of them. “Jeep” and “4×4” make the top of the list, but “Mustang” and “Toyota” will be in high demand in February.


  1. Windows
  2. Records
  3. iPhone
Honorable mentions: Please, help us out, what are you planning on doing with all those “windmills” and “guitar cases”?
Sell in February: Seems like you’re eager to take some pictures with your new “nikon” of artwork by “Robert Bateman.”


  1. Bulldog
  2. Denali
  3. Escalade
Honorable mentions: We understand that you enjoy cars but even we were a little surprised to find that the “hummer” is having a comeback in Vancouver.
Sell in February: Done with your “heat press?” There were a few people looking last year. Also, February is a great time to sell your old “nikon” and Vancouver’s all time favourite search term: “boxer.”


  1. Ikea
  2. Dresser
  3. Desk

Honorable mentions: Victoria, the city looking for solid yet stylish items: “BMW”, “240sx” and “teak” also made the top 10.
Sell in February: The “jeep” rides up the list and “lego” replaces “firewood”. Also, anything from “Ikea” always works on the island, but in February your “dresser” and “chair” promise to spur some interest.


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