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Used Everywhere: a Social Commerce Site for Used Items

Used Everywhere: a Social Commerce Site for Used Items

By dave    January 13th, 2012
According to a recent press release, 2012 will be the year that micro-entrepreneurs will hit the big time.  This will occur thanks to the help of sites such as Used Everywhere.  As the name would suggest, this site (or rather network of sites) lets people sell used items to buyers from all kinds of different locations.  According to the information given in the press release, over 90% of Used Everywhere listings are from people who have small businesses of some description that are based at home.

The company offers a strong social commerce platform.  They provide a marketplace in which transactions can take place, and this marketplace uses connections with sites such as Twitter and Facebook to enable users to make the most of the social side of the business.

At present, the business has dedicated sites in various locations in Canada and the UK.  If Used Everywhere continues to enjoy the amount of success it has so far, we can expect other sites to pop up in the near future as well.

However, the real question is whether Used Everywhere will be the first of a series of such sites, focusing on giving the small business owner a chance to sell online by using proven social commerce techniques.  The service is offered free of charge so it is likely to appeal to the very micro-entrepreneurs who were mentioned in the release.  Earning small avenues of income could be wanted by many in the New Year.