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Today’s Parent Citing UsedEverywhere’s Money Saving Tips

Posted in Saving with Sandra on Sep 14, 2011


Inasmuch as I’ve complained about having to spend money on Bronwyn and Isobel’s dance wear, I really to feel for hockey parents. The gear is just. So. Expensive! Especially (I’m told) if your kid wants to be in goal. The pads, the skates, the helmets, the grilles — they’re all necessary for keeping your child safe, so you spend the money. But your kid keeps growing out of all of it!

As with any other activity that requires Expensive Specialized Gear, hockey parents have a time-honoured tradition of swapping with other hockey families, and of searching local consignment shops for used equipment. Some parents now widen their search by checking Kijiji and other classified websites.

Now there’s another option — Like Kijiji, it’s a site that allows vendors and potential buyers within the same community to connect, and is already established in 43 cities and towns across Canada, plus several in the UK and Australia.

I just did a quick check of the offerings in Toronto — the only equipment for sale right now is a pair of goalie pads ($100; “very good condition”). But the potential for saving money is still worth a five-minute browse.