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More Kid’s Hockey Equipment Savings

Lightly Used Hockey Equipment on Online Revealed

by  on Sep 15, 2011


Purchasing lightly used hockey gear can dramatically cut down on the increasing costs that come with each new hockey season, especially as young players go through rapid growth years.
Depending on the age and size of players the cost of new equipment can range from $300 to $1000. Top of the line skates for competitive players can cost as much as $700. Composite hockey sticks range in price from $60 to over $200, just for one stick. New gloves can cost more than $100 a pair.

“Every year kids outgrow part of their equipment and to be able to save 50% or more on used sports gear offers a big relief to parents’ sports budgets,” says Tish Hill General Manager of “When boys and girls hit their early teens they quickly grow out of last season’s skates, pants and shin pads. As a mom I can tell you first hand that it’s definitely worth taking the time to browse for used sports gear online before buying new.”

The ( team checked for hockey equipment listings on, and – there are similar listings on all of the UsedEverywhere local city sites(( By Searching for ‘Hockey’ or ‘Hockey Equipment’ there is lots of gear to be found on all of the sites . Here are current examples of savings that parents can expect (approximate new retail prices are listed in brackets):

  •     Boys Hockey Gear – used price – $100 (New retail approx $225)
  •     Full set of lightly used men’s Hockey Gear – used price – $100 (New retail approx $300)
  •     Full set of girls Hockey Gear – used price – $150 (New retail approx $325)
  •     Lightly used Hockey Gear for teenage boy – used price – $225 (New retail approx $350)
  •     Kids Hockey Gear items – used price from $5 -$15 (New retail approx $15-$40)

There are lots of great deals on used equipment for all fall and winter sports including football, soccer, rugby, basketball, lacrosse, skiing and figure skating on Simply do a search for your sport. is a family of Canadian local online classified sites, established in 2003.