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Free for the taking

January 10, 2012. 3:48 pm


My son Owen is a master at getting free stuff.

An avid Kijiji browser, he’s lugged home everything from a nearly-new DVD player (still in its original box with the owner’s manual) to an old electric clothes dryer that works perfectly — without spending a dime.

But his biggest coup — actually I think it’s his old roommate, Rob, who deserves credit for this amazing find – was a honky 54-inch plasma TV, complete with a matching black stand. So what if every now and then, the screen automatically shuts off? It was free.

The beauty of online classified sites such as Kijiji, Freecycle and  Used Ottawa  is that there is no longer any reason to toss perfectly good things in the garbage.  And let’s face it: Who has time anymore to devote an entire weekend or even a Saturday to holding a yard sale?

Outgrown that brown plaid sofa or collection of beer mugs? Downsizing to a condo and no longer have space for the six-seater dining table? No worries. Post them online and without a doubt, someone will offer to take them off your hands for free.

One man’s junk is another’s treasure, right? More to the point, think of all the reusable stuff you’re keeping out of the landfill.