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How To: Report An Ad

We pride ourself on being the most family-friendly classified site on the Internet. How do we do it? Well first, we have a crack team of moderators that scan the site for anything that violates our Terms of Use (basically, anything that would be deemed unsavory by the general public). As proficient as they are, it would be impossible to sift through every single ad that’s posted in Canada on any given day, so we’re enlisting you. If you care about keeping the site clean and accessible to everyone, take a quick look at our Terms of Use and let us know if you see an ad that conflicts with it. If you come across an ad that is inappropriate, you can flag it for our moderators by following the steps below. First, make sure you are on the ad’s page (the page with pictures and a description of the item or service in question).

Step 1) Above the ad photot to the left of the sellers information there is a section called “Share Listing” Click on the “Report This Ad*” link.
Step 2) You will be directed to a form where you can enter your email address and your reason for flagging the ad. Click on the drop-down box that says “No Reason”

Step 3) You will then be presented with a number of options. Choose the one that best applies to your reason for flagging (ie: Why is this ad against the Terms of Use?) and enter a short description in the “Message” field below.

Step 4) Once you’ve selected a reason and commented on it, click on the “Send Report” button at the bottom of the page.

A moderator will be notified and will evaluate the ad to ensure that it violates our Terms of Use. If it does, the ad is pulled off the site. Four easy steps and you’ve just helped us keep the site family-friendly!

As the social media and community coordinator at, Michael is the voice you hear when you phone our 1-800 number and the text you read skim three days a week on our blog. Keep up with his antics on Twitter @MrConkin.

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