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How to find an apartment

With a new school year creeping up you may need to find a place to stay. If you’re headed to University or College it may mean moving to another city. If you’re headed into second year you may be done with residence and need a place off campus for late night… study groups. Whatever the case, it’s time to start looking ’cause you only have a little over 3 weeks left.

I’ve started by coming up with a few tips to help, but I’m sure there are more tips out there, so please add your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

Search where you’re going, not where you are

If you’re headed out-of-town, take a look at the full range of cities we have on Heading to Calgary? Then it is. Going to Royal Roads? Then check out

Don’t forget to look under Roommates

Roommates can become lifelong friends. Take a look at Joey and Chandler. Unlike these two fictitious characters I know there can be horror stories ( the dude with the goldfish crackers ) but with a little investigation, and a few key questions you can weed out the unwanted places and find a nice place close to school and maybe some good study partners too.

So don’t just look under Rentals, add Roommates to your categories to look under.

Advanced Searches

There are two great options in our advanced search that can save you time. The price range, and the Seller’s Location. These will refine your search down to the perfect budget, and the right place near campus

Use of Maps

And if you aren’t sure the neighborhoods or the local slang, click on “View these ads on a map” under My Tools in the right hand sidebar to see how close the listings are to your first class of the day. Click on “Hybrid” to see how many cars are in the front lawn, or other features that may give you insight into the area.

Look at wanted ads

The other part of advanced search is the ability to narrow listings to see only wanted ads. These are people who are asking, begging you to call because they need a roommate or need someone to rent out the granny suite.

If all else fails post a wanted ad about you

By putting a listing up on the site, you can increase your chances by breaking the ice. Give a story, maybe a picture. This isn’t a personal ad, but if you share what you’ll be doing and the kind of person you are, maybe chuck in a joke or two, someone else looking to rent might pause for a second, and chuckle. Which is always a nice start. Here’s an example.

If you have any great questions to ask, potential roommates and landlords, I’d like to hear them. Please post a comment with you’re suggestions.

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