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How To: Create a Wanted Ad

Your local site has a lot to offer, but unless you’re an experienced techie, you may not know exactly how to tap into the network and make the most of it. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to learn the intricacies of browsing used goods, and maximize your results by mastering the system.

This week, I will guide you through the process of requesting an item from your fellow users by submitting a Wanted Ad. Placing a Wanted Ad is a simple, but effective way to let everyone in your community know that you are looking for a particular item. It can save you a ton of time, and sometimes even get you first dibs on a hot new item.

The pictures below each step will illustrate the process of posting a Wanted Ad for a pair of hockey skates, but it’s just as simple to ask your community for a couch, a car, or even a job! Try it for yourself, and let the incredible internet do the rest:

Step 1) First, click the “Place Ads” tab at the top of your local site.

Step 2) Next, choose the category that best describes the item you would like to place a Wanted Ad for. In other words, choose the category that you would browse if you were looking for the item yourself.

Step 3) Then, select a more specific category that the item you want would fall into.

Step 4) Once again, select the category that best describes the item you want.

Step 5) Click on the “Wanted (looking for)” check box to indicate that you are placing a Wanted ad, rather than selling the item yourself. Lastly, include a price that you are willing to pay, a description of the item you want, your contact information, and your location.

Step 6) Click “Place Ad” at the bottom of the page, and wait for someone to contact you with the item you are looking for!

Have a question, tip, or trick? Let me know and I’ll feature it in the next How To blog.

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