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How to: browse garage sales


For some, the coming of Spring isn’t just about warm weather and perennials. It’s about scoring a gently used sofa on the cheap, or finding a vintage lamp that has so many flaws it’s charming. In short, it’s about garage sales.
By now you’ve probably taken note of the junk that’s been accumulating in your house since last Fall, and you may have even printed off a Spring cleaning checklist. So, what now? Well, after you gather together your unnecessaries, you’ll have to put them somewhere, and where better to unload them than the arms of a willing neighbor who has cash to spare?
If you’d rather enjoy the warm sun than sit on your computer posting each and every item to your local classifieds site, then you may want to host a garage sale and advertise it with a single post in the Events and Garage Sales section of Below are a few simple steps to make it happen:

Step 1) Click on the “Place Ads” tab of your local site.
Step 2) Scroll down the page to the “Info Classifieds” heading, and click on “Events and Garage Sales.”
Step 3) Then, click on “Garage, Yard & Moving Sales.”
Step 4) Fill out the form with the appropriate information, and be sure to include your postal code so that your garage sale’s location will show up in your ad (See How To: Map Your Ads for more information).
Step 5) Scroll down and click on the “Place Ad” button on the very bottom of the page.
Conversely, if you would like to browse all of the garage sales in your area, you can scroll down to the “Events & Garage Sales” button on the home page of your local site.
Hope this helps with your Spring clean out!

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