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Great Moments from the UsedOttawa Winter Scavenger Hunt!

On February 16th and 17th, hosted the first annual Winter Scavenger Hunt and it was a great success! People came out from all over the Ottawa area to participate and enter to win one of 3 iPad minis. On Saturday and Sunday, hearty contestants braved the cold and came downtown to pick up their lists and tick off items such as taking a photo of themselves on Parliament Hill.

It was colder than an Antarctic ice hockey championship, but Ottawans didn’t let that stop them from enjoying the final weekend of Winterlude! Rosy cheeks, sunshine and exercise – what a perfect way to spend the weekend.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to all the participants for making my first weekend working for UsedOttawa so much fun! Check out some of my favourite moments from the scavenger hunt:

I love how these guys are rocking the UsedOttawa t-shirt! Very cool photo.


A very dapper snowman.


This family actually found a snowman-building station downtown that was set up for Winterlude. I love Ottawa!


Technically the scavenger hunt clue DID say: “Take a picture of a snowman – or some semblance of one!”


This guy’s submissions were hilarious.


Take a picture of something on Sparks Street, too bad we couldn’t award points for awesomeness.


Saving the planet is a nice side benefit to going green, but I have to admit I'm in it for the money. Why pay more for new when used is better?

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