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Government Uses to Sell Surplus

The Corporation of the District of Saanich is inviting sealed bids for two Cues Mini Video Inspection Cameras and Reels in the Test Equipment section of The Cues Mini-Push 20/20 uses video technology to view and record pipelines from 2″ in diameter. Earlier today, UsedVictoria spoke with the Municipality of Saanich’s purchasing office, which is responsible for coordinating the bid process to ensure compliance with current tendering laws. If surplus material is not salvageable, the purchasing office recycles it or it is moved to the BC Asset Investment Recovery warehouse. Quite a lot of it, however, is sold through the municipality’s website, and through sites like “We’ve just always used UsedVictoria [as a way of] getting the information out there to people,” said a purchasing spokesperson. Sealed bidding on the Cameras and Reels will be accepted until 3:00 pm on March 3rd, at which time the bidding process will close and the tenders will be opened. The items don’t necessarily go to the highest bidder, it depends on who the buyer is too, so if you’re interested in pipeline inspection be sure to check it out.
The invitation can be found here:

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