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Getting Green with the Little Leprechauns

St. Patrick’s Day is the one day of the year where you can drape yourself in green, over indulge in the libations and get a little loud (unless you’re lucky enough to live in Saskatchewan like I do, then you get to do it 11 times a year when you include Rider home games). But St. Paddy’s changes a bit when you have kids (or can’t find a babysitter). Somehow the idea of ingesting copious amounts of green beer loses its lustre when you have to get up at 6 AM the next morning to make waffles and be ready for an 8:30 Sunday morning soccer game. That’s right, 8:30. A.M. On a Sunday.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some food fun with the kids. And fun beyond Lucky Charms and green milk (although that would be good, too). Here are some great recipes and from around the interweb to make the most of the day, without having to force your 5 year old to eat corned beef and cabbage.

Now, usually when you read something like this, you expect the best to be saved for last.

Kiss me, I’m Alaskan – photo from

My absolute favourite St. Patrick’s Day thing is this recipe for the Individual Chocolate Chip Mint Baked Alaska from Made With Pink. Yes I know, Baked Alaska doesn’t sound Irish, but wearing green beads, floppy green hats and drinking green beer isn’t Irish either, so back off.  Besides, just look at it; it that doesn’t get your heart rate up, check your pulse.

I know I kind of made fun of Lucky Charms earlier, but they too can provide a simple Leprechaun-themed base for some fun, kid-friendly recipes. Lucky Charm Treats are a fun twist on the traditional crispy rice square, or step it up with these Lucky Charm Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Lucky ice cream – photo from

You can also strike a balance between sweet and healthy with your kids. Another favourite St. Paddy’s snack for me is the Shamrock Shake. But you don’t need to hit the drive-in to indulge in this traditional treat – or have to work off the 840 calories and 24 grams of fat found in a 22oz fast-food version.’s Skinny Shamrock Smoothie packs all the minty goodness without the guilt.

Photo from

A fruit kabob rainbow is also a simple, healthy and beautifully-presented snack the kids will love.


Now that you have the kids hopped up on sugar, it’s time to burn off some of that energy. Throw on some Celtic music and enjoy a jig and reel, or hide coins (chocolate or otherwise) and have the kids search for a pot of gold. You can still enjoy the day with the family and save the hangover for when your kids go to grandma and grandpa’s for the weekend.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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