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Get outside and have the best summer ever!

As the days get longer and warmer, it’s time to get outside! We’ve compiled the best posts from the UsedBlog to get you ready for an unforgettable summer of entrepreneurial opportunities and outdoor adventures.

Lemonade stand planning 101

Teach your kids about money and let them experiment with their own business. Before you dive into the lemonade stand adventure, consider these 8 steps to a successful lemonade stand. Happy selling!!


Campfire how to: The art and science

Building the perfect campfire presents a challenge for even the most experienced campers. But what’s more important for a perfect summer night than a raging fire, your favourite tipple and plenty of marshmallows for the kids? Do you know how to build a campfire? Don’t sweat; we’ve got instructions for you. You will 100% build a perfect campfire this year.


Camping: Everything you need

Some have the preparations for the annual camping trip down to a science, others need a little help and inspiration. The camping department of any big store may have you overwhelmed quickly and the price tags on the new tents don’t exactly speak to an affordable summer vacation. Luckily you can find everything you need for camping on our local sites.


How to throw a successful and hassle free garage sale

Now that you’ve cleaned out your garage (or should have during spring), organize it all and sell, sell, sell. If this is your first attempt at a garage sale or if you just didn’t seem to sell anything the last time, check out these tips on how to throw a garage sale. If you’re a pro garage salesperson, take a look and let us know what we’ve missed!


How to avoid and treat insect bites

The biggest downside to summer is itchy skin and constant buzzing in your ear. Oh, those mosquitoes. Find out what the most common summer pests are, how you can avoid them and how you can treat mosquito bites.

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