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#FirstCrush Round Up

When we started our #FirstCrush campaign we knew we were in for a trip down memory lane. However, what we didn’t realize was just how nostalgic it really would be! We put the call out to our bloggers and UsedHQ alike asking them what was their #FirstCrush. It didn’t necessarily have to be an individual, it could have been a time frame or a coveted item – anything that brought back memories of the “good ol’ days.” My personal favourite was a member of UsedHQ whose first crush later became her husband! How cute is that? I loved hearing back from our bloggers as well, we got such a range of answers!


Elizabeth, #First Crush


It’s crazy how many memories are attached to our childhood toys, and how certain toys were so popular. Did you follow all the toy trends or did you find yourself chasing after the band wagon as it left the station, like Julie? Hollie stood in line to get an original Cabbage Patch Kids doll. Stacy’s mom threw out all her toys, but she still smilies every time she sees one on the site, she’s even been able to find a Cabbage Patch Kids doll! What I think is great is when we can share these memories with our kids. @OttawaMommyClub talked about looking for the toys she had as a kid so that she could share them with her kids!

Nothing transports you back to another time quite like a song, so it’s no wonder that so many trips down memory road end with a singer/band as a #FirstCrush. Whether you were plastering your wall with photos of Corey Heart and lucky enough to go see him in concert like Shannon or relentlessly scrapbooking about Poison like Heather we bet you had a favourite heartthrob singer. Not all memories are happy ones though, just ask Kyla, whose mom wouldn’t let her go to the NKOTB concert with her friends (all because she caused a little trouble at school!)

I was surprised to hear that so many people had such found memories of clothing from times gone by! Caroline coveted her mom’s fancy jacket (a la Coco Chanel), but only got to wear it once before it was lost in a downsize. @TheFlyingCouponer reminisces about playing dress up with her mom’s ’60s clothing. Her love of dress-up hasn’t diminished though, she still plays with her kids. You didn’t have to live through an era to fall in love with the clothing however, Nancy fell in love with fashion from the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s and is still searching for that perfect vintage dress. Little things can have a big effect, @kidsdirectory is pretty sure it was her love of Barbies that sparked her passion for fashion.

It’s funny how a few things from our childhood can really follow us into our adult lives. Jenna, who started collecting Winnie the Pooh Comics when she was three, just recently completed the collection! @YeeWittleThings LOVED Lucille Ball and she’s still working on her collection of I Love Lucy dolls. Was there something that you collected as a child? Do you still have the collection today? Sometimes it’s about more than just collecting, like Nadine said, it’s the challenge of finding and acquiring the whole set. She now shares her love of collecting with her daughter.

The true question is, do you still have collections or memorabilia from your childhood or have you downsized? Kathryn, still lives in the house she grew up in and so she has all those memories attached to that home. However, she may be moving soon and have to decide what stays and what goes. @Createwithmom said she still has several items she wouldn’t be willing to part with, conversely she also hates clutter- dilemma! Do you still have whatever it is that you loved and coveted as a child? Do you hold onto it as a memory of a simpler time (Monica misses when all she was worried about was about what she was wearing to the dance and not about what was for dinner) or do you take a trip down memory lane while you sell your old stuff?

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