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Father’s Day gifts: Choices for champs

Maybe you’re a crafter, maybe you’re a baker, maybe you’re just not a gift giver and that’s okay. But for those of us that are, we get another chance this week to give something awesome and make someone happy. That someone is Dad!

So, what will it be? Here are our ideas for the different dads out there.

Competitive Dad: pool table or foosball table?

These sorts of gifts bring the whole family together (for a big argument). So if you had the choice what would it be? A foosball table from, or a pool table from


Musical Dad: guitar or piano?

Was he meant to be on the stage? Make his teenage kicks come true with a Fender guitar from, or a beautiful antique piano from


DIY Dad: tools or ride-on lawnmower?

If he’s a maker or gardener, there are so many options on our sites at a fraction of the new price like these tool sets from or a ride-on lawnmower from


Flash Dad: Harley Davison or BMW?

Two very different ads for two very different dads. Does he wear a suit or a handle bar moustache? Would he ride a Harley Davidson from or drive a BMW from

Outdoor Dad: Fishing rod or golf clubs?

When is someone finally going to combine the two perfect dad gifts?  A 2-in-1 fishing rod/golf club could be in stores by next Father’s Day! Until then he could duct tape one of these fishing rods from to a club found in the golf section of


Geek Dad: Telescope or old school Nintendo?

Not all dads are the fishing, gardening, Harley driving manly-man type. Celebrate your dad’s inner geek with an original Nintendo from, or let him pretend to know the names of the constellations with a telescope from


Find your Father’s Day gift and more on your local city site and let us know what you will be gifting this year.

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