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Easy DIY knit headband patterns

icord headband

I love playing sports and being outdoors but I also love keeping my hair full of layers and bangs. This is an awkward combination, especially when summer hits. My hair needs to be pulled back but it’s not so simple as a hair tie. I’ve tried everything from hair pins to barrettes but alas, I need a hairband.

Finding a perfect hairband has been no easy task. In fact I have gone through so many I have now taken to making my own so they meet my strict criteria. Not only do I want them to look nice but they need to be functional, stay in place, but not give me the dreaded “headband headache.”

Here are three of my favourite designs. These are all beginner knitting patterns and are available for free from the designers.

icord headband

icord headband

This free headband pattern from Rachel Bishop can be customized to fit any head—adult, child, whatever! Also, it’s a complete tutorial so if you’ve never knit a stitch in your life this is the pattern for you. I whipped mine up in less than an hour, and that includes fiddling with the elastic band.

I use this headband for everyday accessorizing as well as for jogging on hot days.

Criss-cross headband

I love this free headband pattern from designer Amelie Bernier because it only looks difficult. The pattern itself is a simple rib stitch with the only tricky bit being the actual cross, which the pattern explains using a helpful chart.

This headband stays in place and looks nice at the same time. I tend to use it for cooler days and activities like hiking and walking.

Bow headband

This free headband/cowl pattern from Elisa McLaughlin comes from a Knitting 101 tutorial series and is one of my go-to headband patterns. This project takes very little yarn and goes up so quick I find myself whipping one up when I need a quick gift or an emergency headband (it happens).

I’ve experimented with customizing this pattern all sorts of ways but the original is still my favourite. Give it ago, you’ll be surprised how fancy such a simple concept looks!

Hopefully these versatile and simple knit headband patterns will inspire you to try something new, create something useful, and make something fun. And although I’m highlighting these today I’m always looking for the elusive perfect headband. Please let me know if you’ve found it!

Working full time as a writer, editor and audio broadcast producer should be enough. But instead of resting after a long work day Robyn sets to creating havoc in her space by attempting more DIY, upcycle and knitting projects than she has room for. Her husband is a patient man.

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