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Dress Up Time in the Office (not for Halloween)

Our fearless leader, Tish, wearing one of many, many hats…

Our fearless leader came in today with some very appropriate gifts. Appropriate because at UsedEverywhere we do in fact have job titles that change as often as the weather does here on the West Coast. For those of you not so lucky, I literally carry an umbrella and sunglasses with me every single day of the year. Never know what’s going to happen 10 minutes from now.

I digress. What she brought in were HATS. Not  practical items like berets or fedoras or toques-eh, but crazy, wacky, goofy party hats. And they weren’t even for Halloween, believe it or not.

The story behind this is that her father loves hats, and that’s why she also enjoys a noggin-warmer on occasion. She grew up knowing that every birthday, baptism, hanukah and 6-month anniversary was really only an excuse to buy a nifty hat. So her father’s birthday is this weekend and she bought a bag full of hats. Everything from pirates (ARRrrrggghh) to kings, police officers, and whatever that gold one is with the white feather in it is for (help here?).

Tish in a police hat

So naturally we had to get the most serious guy in the office to try one on.

Enter Nick, stage left…

“He doesn’t look so scary,” you say.  Sure, sure, but just you try to go up against him in a deal or an argument – he’ll win every time.  Quite the negotiator, that one.

Next came “Team Blue” – because the table has only boys at it, whereas other tables have a mix, well except for team pink of course (just guess who’s at that one).

If you don’t get the reference to the beanies with propellers on them… check out Wikipedia’s definition of propellerheads: “slang for a nerd.” Simple, to the point, and somewhat true.  (Burn from Team Pink).  Just please don’t ask them if I’M a nerd; whatever they say is a lie. Period.

So there you go, a dress up party and a little healthy inter-office competition.

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