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Diary of a Wannabe Runner

Well the worst possible scenario has happened.  After several months of training for the GoodLife Half Marathon in October, I now find myself injured.  Not only did I have to skip the Land’s End race on Sunday, but I may be out for the season.  Even worse, I didn’t even get hurt while running, but during a collision in a field hockey game through no fault of my own.   My knee went in one direction and my foot in the other.  Did you know that’s it’s really hard to put on pants when you can’t bend your knee?

I know many of you may be saying that this is hardly a catastrophe – that are many far worse things that could happen.  True. Far worse things can and do happen.  And I know that when the anger and defeat wears off I’ll look back on this as insignificant…but it doesn’t stop me from being super ticked off right now.

So, what to do now?  My Id wants to just ignore the pain and keep going.  Dammit – I can cope with pain – it’s something to be beaten down and conquered.  But I’m not stupid and my Ego forces me to be reasonable and rest until the pain in my knee subsides before I attempt more than putting on pants.

So I’m going to suck it up and focus on other things.  I’ll have more time to work – not sure if that’s a good thing.  And I’m going to work on organizing the house and doing all those little projects that lurk in every room.  I’m going to also purge my home of needless and unwanted items.  I realize that we have held on to far more stuff than we need or use – just because we might need it ‘someday’.  Someone else can use this stuff – someone else should use this stuff.  It’s wasted crammed in the back of our drawers and cupboards so all of you Used addicts (you know who you are) get ready for some good deals!  Besides who wouldn’t want a purple Tupperware banana container?

I live in sweats and slippers. I drink too much coffee. I'm afraid of heights. I love to cook. I love to eat. Running is my therapy. My garden is my temple. My shoe collection is my pride and joy. My family is everything.

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i want a purple tupperware banana container!!! not kidding i really do 🙂


    Sharene Foord

    It’s yours and everyone will be envious of your bruise-free bananas!

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