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Diary of a Wannabe Runner

So this last week didn’t go so well for training. It started off great and then the long weekend arrived. Let’s just say that I took a few days off from eating well and exercising and it culminated on Monday with blowing off my run, eating eggs benny for brunch followed by a turkey dinner with all the fixings. After that I wanted to give up entirely, but not this time. I will not let myself get discouraged.

I’ve been going to a weekly running clinic which I recommend to anyone who wants to get started or restart a running regime. A clinic provides weekly support and check-in with trainers and other group members and if nothing else, it’s money on the table. I’ll always be more committed to something if I’ve paid for it, so rain or shine and even though I’d rather be relaxing, I go. Unfortunately by blogging this, my trainers at Peninsula Runners may also find out that I have not been doing all my homework – sorry guys. Last night was clinic night and as hard as it was doing a track workout in the rain, my energy is renewed and all self-defeating thoughts are gone. And to up the incentive and keep my focus, I’ve registered for a run this weekend – the Land’s End Half Marathon but I’m only doing the 10k. I’m competitive by nature (in a good way) and I love the challenge of a race.

So if like me, you need an extra push to get off the couch and walk, run or roll my advice is to join a group or clinic for support; plus you’ll be pushed a bit and get the added incentive of paying for your spot. Look on-line for local running clubs, notices at running or cycling stores or YMCAs for group runs. Or browse through the community notices > team match on your local Used site for running/walking/cycling partners (remember to use your smarts and stay in groups). And if you need an extra shove, register for an event – something within your abilities and comfort. Don’t do more than you can handle and risk injury, just target a reasonable goal and keep it in your sights. Most importantly, don’t give up if you had a bad day or week – your body, mind and heart will thank you for it.

I live in sweats and slippers. I drink too much coffee. I'm afraid of heights. I love to cook. I love to eat. Running is my therapy. My garden is my temple. My shoe collection is my pride and joy. My family is everything.

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