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Lend a hand this holiday season

We at came across this ad and corresponding news story and felt compelled to spread the word.

“It has been a struggle for us lately as work has been hard to find and bills a little harder to keep up to all the time … general labor jobs have been hard to find an coordinate with school and daycare … I have been running around to different charitable organizations trying to pull together anything. However the kindness of these organizations it seems extends only as far as help with food and presents for my kids.” … read the original ad

Are you selling something on the site, and want to donate some of those profits to local families in need of a little extra support? Include the words #desperatedaddy in your post, then people can search for all the ads supporting the cause. Then we’ll get you in touch with Dan Peirce, or another ‘community angel’ as we like to call them.

But the giving doesn’t stop there – there are many other parents in need of a little extra support, and not only during the holiday season, so we at would like to create a better platform for people to donate unsold items directly to those in need. We’re also looking to partner with some local charities!

Please send any suggestions through to or call toll free 1 (800) 480-3250 ext#4.

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4 Responses to “Lend a hand this holiday season”


I wish I would have heard of this story before Friday! I had posted an add a few weeks back with over $400 worth of used goods up for donation. I had alot of feedback but found in the end alot of people were very selfish and wanted everything for themselves. I did however choose a few worthy families in need this holdiay season and also donated quite a bit of arts and crafts to local retirement homes. I brought some toys to a local daycare as well, not that they were in need, but did ask them for a Christmas Cheer Board doantion. It felt really good to give back. My husband and our 3 children do not have much money to survive on but know that there are families less fortunate than us. I think that this idea will spread like wild fire if everyone looks a little into their hearts. Lets just hope that people don’t take advantage of the generosity of others.

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2011!



I am Maria , I have been trying to find a place cheap in Victoria , i am waiting to get my kids out of a foster home , everything is Soo expensive , It’s been a real struggle, I told about 7 to 8 different people I’d be getting my kids back , and was shot Down for a home in a instant , All I can afford is a 1 bedroom right now, My kids won’t be home till may And I am still getting turned down places.



Your email is misspelled – hire an editor or someone literate.



    I fixed it. Thanks for noticing.

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