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Decor DIY disaster averted

You know when you see an amazing project on Pinterest and then you try and try and try to recreate it and then finally (mercifully) admit defeat?

That’s what happened to me here.

Nearly a year ago I pinned some awesome DIY frosted vases and for the past few weeks I’ve been trying to recreate them.

I did everything right. I found jars I wanted to convert to vases, a ton of rubber bands, and “frosted glass” spray paint.

And then I got to work.

Coat after coat… after coat.

I just couldn’t get my project to look like the original.

So I switched methods. Instead of creating cool frosted vases with rubber bands I decided to try a glue gun picture on the jar, followed by a few coats of frosted glass.

This idea went better.

I did two: a heart and the word “love” in honour of Valentine’s Day.

The glue was difficult to see against the glass but after a few rounds of spray paint it looked positively embossed. I was pleased to say the least.

The spray paint took a while to dry completely (doing this project in warmer temperatures would surely have sped up the process) and once it did I filled my new vases with red wax and candles to test out their frosted glow.

It was a pleasing effect.

Now I’m hoping to find some short-stemmed flowers to try out another look but really the possibilities are endless.

I like how such a simple project can take a regular everyday jar and turn it into something fun and unique.

Working full time as a writer, editor and audio broadcast producer should be enough. But instead of resting after a long work day Robyn sets to creating havoc in her space by attempting more DIY, upcycle and knitting projects than she has room for. Her husband is a patient man.

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