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Costume Picking Apps

Halloween is like a first date; it can be incredibly fun but is most often incredibly stressful, and what you wear matters. If you haven’t picked out your costume yet, you’re certainly not alone. However, with 11 days left until Halloween you’re cutting it close. Don’t give up yet! Below are a couple of iPhone/iPad apps that will help you find your way:

Costume Ideas – Halloween ($0.99)

Simple but sweet. All this app needs is a shake of the hand and in return, will dish out a costume idea. Not bad if you’re the easy going type, but if you have more of an indecisive disposition then watch yourself… you may be shaking your arm for a while.

Halloween Costume Generator ($0.99)

Don’t let the lofty price of 99 cents deter you, this app will take into account your gender, the type of party you plan on attending, and even your mood. Then, it’ll hook you up with a Google image search to perfect the look.

Pottery Barn Kids Costume Finder (free)

This neat little app asks you to take a front-facing photo of your kid and shows you what they would look like in various costumes. It doesn’t have the most diverse selection of get-ups, but I hear toddlers aren’t the most difficult bunch (maybe someone who actually has one will disagree).

Costume Decider (free)

The Costume Decider app takes the interesting approach of randomizing your your costume to make Halloween “way more twisted.” You spin two wheels, which combine together to make something… umm… original. I’m not sure how viable each combo is, but I can’t think of any other word to describe the “Vulcan Nanny” suggestion.

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