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If you are going away or any time you want to temporarily suspend your ads, you can put them on hold. You can do this by Editing your ad and changing the status to ON HOLD. When your ad is on hold it is removed from its category and from the keyword search but is still available to you from the MyAds link. When you return from vacation, edit your ads again changing the status back to NOT SOLD and they will reappear on the site (in about 10 minutes).

You can use your browser’s bookmarking system. First, make sure you have clicked down to the ad (i.e. clicked its title). That page has a URL unique to that ad. Then, bookmark that page.

Maybe your ad violates the Terms of Use or maybe you’ve violated the Terms of Use in the past and you’ve been blocked from using the site or maybe its on the second page (click the red ‘Next 25’ link to advance to the second page in your category).

Edit your ad and change the status from NOT SOLD to SOLD.

You must put in one or the other but we recommend both. Note that if you don’t put in an email, we cannot send you an invitation to renew your ad automatically.

Maybe you’ve forgotten it (see ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ Question above), or typed it in capitals when it shouldn’t be (or vise-versa) or added a trailing blank (which you can’t see) or added punctuation (which is not supported).

Actually, the password isn’t assigned to you but assigned by you to the ad. In other words, you are determining what password is attached to the ad for editing it or deleting it later. We recommend you use the same password for every ad you enter although you can choose to make them different.

If you’ve put an email address into your ad and you remember the email address, click down to your ad and click ‘Email My Password’. Otherwise send us a feedback and we’ll phone it to you to the phone number in the ad.

30 days for all categories except for Events & Garage Sales, which is 14 days. After that, you will be sent an email (if you put an email in your ad) inviting you to renew. Renewed ads are placed back on the Latest Ads list.