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Cole’s Top 10 Things to Wear for New Years

In the midst of all the merriment and eggnog yesterday, I started thinking about what I was going to wear for New Years. Personally, I’ll be spending the evening sampling wine and cheese with close friends that I used to go to school with, so I think I’ll try to clean up and look sharp. Even though New Years is a holiday associated with tuxedos and bubbly, for most of us, it really isn’t that formal of an affair, but rather just a night to dress up in a cool outfit and have some fun. That’s why for the Top 10 this week, I’m putting together a list of 10 items from sites which will suit the style of just about any kind of New Years party you might be going to!

10. Pink and Black Strapless Party Dress

This strapless dress has a black velvet body with a pink taffeta skirt. It would be perfect for a masquerade ball, or any other occasion where a touch of old school luxury might come in handy.

9. Black Cowboy Boots

Okay, I’ll confess. I’m a little biased on this choice, since I try to find an excuse to wear my cowboy boots as often as possible, but still. Throw these on and have a night of New Years line dancing, or saddle up and spend New Years with your trusty horse as you ride off into the sunset. Your choice.

8. Strappy Black Heels with Bow

If you already have your dress picked out, why not sass it up a little with these heels? The straps are flirty, the bow is fun, and the black is classic. They’re a triple threat!

7. Casual Dress Shirt

Sometimes, dressing down is just what the night calls for. If you’re just hanging out, having some drinks with friends and waiting for midnight to roll around, get comfortable! Try a nicely softened up second-hand shirt like this one from

6. Gold Eagle Pendant

I have absolutely no idea what this eagle pendant has to do with New Years, but just look at it! It’s so majestic and powerful, this is just the kind of accessory to go with a great New Years outfit. Show everyone at the party that you’re the kind of person to wear vicious birds of prey around your neck, just because you can.

5. Leather Pants

Do you like leather pants? You should. They’re pretty sweet. This is kind of how I see a night going with these pants:

Step 1) Buy leather pants found on
Step 2) Go to a party
Step 3) Be that cool guy at the party in leather pants

4. Doggy Bow

Maybe you’re a dog person. You like dogs. Perhaps you even own a dog. If so, then these are the bows for you! Dress your dog up for New Years. It’ll be fun, I promise. UsedEverywhere sites are a great place to find local artists and designers who design cool, funky accessories for both you and your pet, just like these from

3. Long Sleeve T

Maybe parties aren’t your thing. I feel you. They’re kind of loud, and exhausting. There are always people at them, too. What’s up with that? Anyways, if that’s your take on New Years (and believe me, sometimes it’s mine, too) then maybe you should don this fine garment, fire up your PS3, and have a night of quality vid time. Make sure you stock up on Cheetos, though.

2. Black Cold-Shoulder Dress

You’ve got it, whatever it is, and you want to flaunt it. How better to do that with a unique, fashion-forward take on the little black dress? Better yet, find it from a local designer like the one in Regina who designed this head-turner. Stand out from the pack, buy local, look stunning.

1. 1923 Vintage Tuxedo

Take it back to the old school with a vintage tuxedo from 1923. Feel dapper and sophisticated as you swagger around and mingle all night. Even though most New Years parties aren’t black tie affairs, it never hurts to be exceptionally well dressed, and with something as classic as a tuxedo, going vintage is a great way to save money and stand out in the best possible way. Do your best to refrain from adopting a James Bond accent halfway through the evening, though. It’ll get old pretty quickly.

Have a safe and happy New Years, and I’ll see you next week with some of the resolutions I’ll be trying to keep over the next while!


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