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Cole’s Top 10 Things to get for Someone who has Everything

When I’m scrambling around a week (or less) before Christmas trying to make sure I have something for everyone on my list, it never fails that there is one person who I can’t think of a single thing they might need or want. This person is the one who says “Oh no, I’m fine, don’t get me anything,” and then when you give them a kittens-and-yarn calendar as a last resort, they look disappointed. Maybe even a little angry.

Don’t let this happen to you! The community of sites is your one stop shop for that special something for the impossible-to-shop-for friend or relative.

Here are 10 things you might consider for that tricky person on your list:

10. Custom Tutu

If you know a special little princess who likes to feel pretty, give them a custom made tutu to leap and prance about in. How can you not smile when you’re wearing your very own unique tutu?
PS. I’d spring for the optional rhinestones, but that’s just me.

9. Scroll Saw Portraits

Put a unique spin on a treasured portrait for someone on your list with this service. Have a unique, one of a kind version of your photograph reproduced on rustic, all-natural wood. It’s a gift that’s thoughtful, individual, and touching. 

8. Bottle Corker

Give someone a corking good time with this gift! You’re not likely to hear someone wine about this one. I know I would be grape-ful to receive something so thoughtful. Whoever you buy this for gets a unique, practical gift. You get an opportunity to unload all those terrible puns you’ve been saving all year.

7. Blues Band

Seriously, could there be anything cooler than getting a live blues band to come play at your holiday party? Probably not. These guys look like they know how to party.

6. Big, Interesting Flag

Usually, the gifts that excite people the most are either big, interesting, or some combination of the two. This flag is both big and interesting. That’s not all! This will appeal both to people who like flags and people who like Newfoundland-related things, with its Newfoundland crest! I’d be willing to bet that whoever you’re buying for doesn’t already have one of these.

5. Kayak

If someone on your list loves being on the water, a kayak might be the perfect gift for him or her to go out exploring in. It’s a bit of a big ticket item, but that’s the great thing about shopping on one of the UsedEverywhere sites. There’s always something there for every holiday budget.

4. Snack Attack Vending Machine

Do you know someone who likes snacks? I bet you do. Well, a little known secret is that snacks always taste better after they fall a short distance and are retrieved through a flappy door in a machine. That’s why vending machines are so successful. Give the gift of real, authentic vending machine snacks at home, with the Snack Attack vending machine (snacks not included).

3. Retro Stainless Toaster

We’ve got a thing for toasters here on the UsedEverywhere blog. Coincidentally, they make great holiday gifts. No matter how fussy the person you’re buying for is, when they get a warm, crispy piece of toast out of this, they can put anything they want on it. It’s a gift that unlocks infinite toast possibilities. And if they already have a toaster, just explain how the retro styling of this one makes it so much cooler than their other one.

2. White Frizzle Rooster

It’s a frizzle rooster. Even the person who has everything doesn’t have a frizzle rooster. Look at him, all frizzly and lonely, just waiting for a nice home. Just make sure the person who might be receiving him knows how to care for a rooster and has the right kind of environment to keep him happy. Frizzle roosters require a responsible and loving owner!

1. Tetris Stand-Up Arcade Console

For the geek on your list, what could be better than a Tetris arcade console? Forget next-gen systems with their fancy graphics and high tech controllers. Go old school and give a piece of video game history with one of the most iconic games ever made in its original arcade format. Perfect for the home, or even a restaurant or store cool enough to want an arcade machine on premises. Sweet.

Happy Shopping!

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