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How to clean and sell skates


For zipping down the Rideau during Winterlude, gliding across an outdoor frozen pond or shooting pucks at an indoor rink, one thing is essential: skates! Whether you are buying or selling, a quick tune-up can go a long way towards making skates look new and helping to maintain their resale value. Follow these cleaning tips and in no time you will be triple Salchowing (“sow-cow”) and slapshotting in style!


Remove rust from skate blades

Put a tablespoon of CLR or WD-40 on the edge of a steel wool pad and scour for about five minutes until rust disappears!

Sharpen the blades

All skates blades, new and used need to be sharpened on a regular basis.  

Note: Brand new skates must be sharpened before using them the first time, otherwise the blades will have no sharp edges to catch the ice and your feet will slide apart with no way of stopping them. Think “Bambi on Ice” … it ain’t pretty and it certainly ain’t comfortable!

Get rid of old stickers and residue

Goo Gone easily lifts old price tags, name labels, hockey tape, and any other adhesives that make secondhand skates look even more worn than they are. Use a few drops on a small square of paper towel or a rag.

Polish the plastic

A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works well for removing dirt and discolouration on plastic moulded skates. Instead of ruining a whole sponge, cut off just the amount you’ll need so the rest of the sponge stays intact for next time.

Replace the laces

Replacing old laces that are stained or frayed is an inexpensive way to make a tired pair of skates look new again. 

Important Safety Note: Wear rubber gloves and thoroughly wash and dry skates after using toxic products on them to avoid chemical residue coming into contact with your eyes, nose and mouth.  

3 tips for keeping your skates in good condition:

1. Always dry skate blades with a towel or old face cloth after each use. Wipe the snow off of the bottom of the skate boots too, so they don’t drip on to the blades once you’ve stored them away. Keep a “skate rag” with your skates so you never forget it at home.

2. Try to walk on rubberized or wooden surfaces with your skates unless you’re wearing protective skate guards. 

3. Never store your skates with the guards on. Even if the blades and guards seem dry, moisture can collect and cause rust to form and then back to the skate sharpener you go! If you notice a striped pattern of rust on the bottom of your skate blades, you can be sure that wet skate guards are to blame. If you want to protect your skate blades, use an elasticized terry cloth or fleece guard.

Sell with a picture

Now that your skates are in top condition, you have a decision to make: skate or sell! If it’s time to sell, the first step is to take pictures to display the features of the item. For skates, shots of the brand name, blades, inside of the boots and the size can help entice the buyer. Clear a space or corner for a backdrop that will simplify your photo and avoid unnecessary clutter. A backdrop that’s white, neutral, or contrasting works best. For further photo tips, read our UsedBlog post on How to create the best images for your ads.

Next go to your local site to Place an Ad under the Hockey, Skates and Curling category. Enter a descriptive title and a concise description of your item. Be sure to include your preferred contact information: if you only want to be contacted by phone, then uncheck the “receive emails” button. Finally, include your postal code so a map will be added to your ad to let potential buyers where you are located. Always keep these safety tips in mind when selling or buying online.

Punxsutawney Phil called for an early end to winter, so don’t delay: get selling or skating today!

Special thanks to Christa Amyot for contributing these tips to the UsedBlog from her site Christa Clips. Christa is a digital communications strategist who has included buying and selling on as part of her save-at-home-mom strategy since 2005. She lives in Rockland, Ontario with her husband and two young children.


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