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Used Cars Vancouver: The Best of is the home of such a wide variety of used and vintage vehicles. Here are the top 10 best used and vintage cars and trucks that are online, now!

1930 Ford Model A 

Such a fun car, this gorgeous purple Ford would be stunning in an antique road show.  It includes vintage air and heat, and there’s even an electric trunk! And, as you probably expected, the seats match the outside with their black leather and purple piping.

1967 Dodge Dart 

Car designers were doing it right in the 60’s, just take a look at this gorgeous Dodge Dart. This senior-owned Dart has white bucket seats for comfort, power steering, and standard breaks. Drive home this 6 cylinder automatic!

1937 Hudson Nash Lafayette 400 

Who knew a 77 year old car could still look this great?! This 1937 Hudson Nash Lafayette runs just fine and the suicide rear doors give this beauty an unforgettable appearance. Take a look at this original 6-volt Lafayette on

1957 Chevrolet 210 Post 

You won’t find anything like this again! The owner invested over $100,000 and babied this beautiful road-ready Chevy. With a custom dual exhaust and a roll cage, this excellent find exemplifies the term “vintage vehicle.” Check out the gorgeous lines on this 1957 Chevrolet 2010 Post.

1928 Ford Model A 

We absolutely love the Ford Model A truck. With a 350 Chevy engine to make it run smoothly and a great looking exterior, this Ford is an ideal addition to any collection. We could tell you about the mahogany bed and sideboards, but you should take a look at the photos yourself on

2005 Volkswagen TDI GLS 

The 2005 Volkswagen has a good reputation, like many of the Volkswagen models. This used vehicle is a good price for what it offers, and it includes the following features:

  • Manual transmission
  • Air conditioning
  • Alarm system
  • CD player
  • Heated seats
  • Keyless entry…

2003 Honda Civic 

For the features, benefits, and well-known longevity of a Honda Civic, this 2003 Civic is a steal of a deal. At only $5200 this vehicle with only 95,000 kilometres will be worth every penny. Did I mention heated seats and a fresh oil change?

2008 Mini Cooper Hardtop

With low kilometres and mid-range price, this sweet 2008 Mini Cooper is an excellent choice for a used vehicle. If you hoped for a reliable car that also made you feel like you’re starring in The Italian Job or another action movie then you’ve just found your car!

2005 Toyota Echo Sedan 

This 2005 Toyota Sedan is a reliable vehicle with only 113,000 kilometres. Why does it make the Top 10 list? Accident free vehicles can be tough to find and this one also is a great 3 in 1 deal: fuel efficient, in great condition and fairly cheap!

1966 Mercury Half Ton Pickup Project 

Every top 10 list needs a project vehicle. Whether you hope to begin a vintage vehicle collection or just feel like challenging yourself this 1966 Mercury offers a fabulous starting point.


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