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Buying used baby gear

Expecting a baby? There’s really no need to go broke buying all the necessary gear. Get savvy and go used when it comes to stocking up the nursery. It’s okay to buy most items on your must-have baby list secondhand, so shop smart.

Before heading to your local site or accepting hand-me-downs from friends and family, review our list of baby items to buy used and those to avoid when purchasing secondhand.

Baby clothes

Infants grow fast. Save yourself a lot of money by buying used clothing for their growing bodies. Babies don’t stay in the same size for more than a month or two if that, so their clothes don’t get much wear and tear. Before bringing a bag of used baby clothes home, be sure that all items are free of drawstrings and that all buttons and zippers work. Check for any recalled items at

Baby toys

Stocking the toy box with used toys in another great way to save some cash. Closely inspect any used toys before passing them on to your little one. This means checking to make sure toys do not contain lead paint and taking a close look for chipped or broken pieces. Avoid toys with small parts and always double-check to make sure a toy has not been recalled. Finally, give the toys a good clean!


Be careful in your selection of a used crib. Don’t purchase a crib from before the year 1967 as these do not meet safety standards and carefully inspect the stability and hardware of all cribs, especially those older than ten years. When searching for cribs, print off and read Health Canada’s safety regulations and check the list of recalled items to make sure you will sleep just as soundly as your little one.

Baby furniture

In addition to a crib, you can save money on the other furniture items in the nursery. Used rocking chairs and changing tables can all be found on your local site. As with toys and other items, ensure the furniture meets safety standards and hasn’t been recalled.

Car seat

Do not buy a used car seat unless you can verify the age and crash history of the seat. You can use the model number to verify that the seat is not under recall and to find out whether or not the seat has expired. You must also determine whether used car seats still have all of the original parts needed for safety. For more information take a look at our blog post about new car seat regulations and check with Transport Canada.


These days strollers are a high-ticket item. Our sites are often bursting with great used strollers. Know what you are looking for and determine the kind of stroller that fits your needs before making your used purchase. Just like you would with a car, take it for a spin to see if you like the feel of it. Also, test all the safety straps and read the instruction manual. Here are some tips on stroller maintenance to keep that used buggy rolling.

Here are some great baby items we’ve discovered on our local sites:

Baby clothes on

Diaper change table on

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maryam hashempour

I want to buy some second hand toys for my child. could you help me how? I prefere to buy online but I did not find online shop.



    Hi Maryam, thanks for getting in touch with us! and all of our city sites are platforms that connect buyers and sellers, however, we do not actually sell items ourselves!
    If you’re interested in looking for items I would recommend checking out the city site closest to you and browsing our “Children’s Items” category for all the different options near you! It would then be up to you to contact that seller directly to arrange pick-up/delivery and payment!

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