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Wait! Don’t throw out that dinged and dented table … restore it!

Mobile restoration technicians tackle engineered flooring, chairs, leather couches and more





Does the ugly scratch on your dining room table draw your eye every time you enter the room? Maybe the gash the kids’ scissors left on your favourite leather chair has you thinking replacement is your only option.

Not so.

After 30 years of repairing scratches, interior damage and upholstery scars on boats and vehicles, the last decade has added furniture, flooring and household repairs to the list of New Creations’ repair services, cementing their reputation as the Island’s go-to mobile restorers.

What exactly do they do?

“Even after many years with New Creations Mobile Restorations, I still find this question difficult to answer because we do many things,” says franchise manager Andrew Hawkes, with New Creations for more than 15 years.

With technicians boasting the skills and knowledge to repair many different types of materials most commonly found in automotive interiors, boats, RVs and homes, they’ve repaired leather jackets and fabric shoes, arborite countertops, convertible tops, bathtubs, carpets, couches and many other common and not-so-common items.

Often, homeowners are especially excited to learn about their ability to repair wood furniture and engineered flooring.

“So many of us when we’re moving furniture will get a bump or a scuff, or maybe we’re working on a project and drop a drill on the engineered wood floor. While people often think replacement is the only option, our expertise offers another solution,” Hawkes says.

Here’s why New Creation Mobile Restoration works:

  • It’s an affordable alternative – Replacing a section of engineered hardwood can be expensive, and often can’t match it accurately. New Creations technicians have the materials and experience to undertake a repair that in most cases, only you’ll know was done. “We match the colours, patterns and texture for a long-lasting, invisible repair. If we don’t think we can match it exactly, we’ll have that discussion up front,” Hawkes says.
  • It’s quick and easy – As a mobile restorers, they have the tools to get the job done quickly. And because they specialize in smaller-scale restorations, they’re often finished in just a few hours, depending on the repair. “If you have something you’re not sure about, send us a photo and we’ll offer a free estimate,” Hawkes says.
  • It’s environmentally responsible: In our ongoing efforts to reduce waste, repair and restoration are environmentally responsible solutions to more wasteful replacement. While New Creations must use some chemical-based solutions to restore your furnishings, flooring and other household items, because repairs are typically quite small, the amounts used are minimal and venting and fans dissipate any off-gassing quickly. And the upside? “We prevent a lot of materials from going to the landfill that don’t need to,” Hawkes says.

“It’s a very gratifying profession. Often people have written off a piece of furniture, or think they’ll need to rip up a large section of flooring – or live with an ugly gouge – but we can fix it.”


A BC company based in Port Coquitlam, with franchises across North America, New Creations Mobile Restorations has served local families and businesses for three decades. Learn more at and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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