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There IS a better way to move

If you’ve moved, you know the struggle of finding boxes, taping the bottoms and hoping they survive the trip, then feeling guilty about recycling so much cardboard at the end of it all.

There HAS to be a better way, right?


Here on Vancouver Island, that better way is FrogBox, reusable rigid plastic boxes you rent by the week. 

“Not only is it easier – I’ve moved four times this way – but it’s an environmentally friendly moving solution,” says Scott Watson, owner of the Frog Box serving Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island. “A cardboard box can only include a maximum of 30 per cent recycled material, so there’s a lot of waste. Each FrogBox plastic moving box will be re-used hundreds of times before being fully recycled.”

There’s no residual waste after they’re unpacked, and with franchises in cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto, cross-country travel can be just as easy, and convenient!

And it’s not only for people planning a move. If you have a renovation coming up, FrogBox makes it easy to pack up the room under construction. “A lot of people who are renovating use us as well,” Watson notes.

The same is true for businesses on the move or needing a little temporary storage. “It’s probably about 50/50 between our residential and business clients,” he adds.

Need more reasons to call FrogBox?

  • The convenience factor is huge. “For many people, they love the convenience we offer. You don’t have to hunt around town for liquor store boxes or buy boxes you’ll only use once – we drop off the boxes and pick them up when you’re unpacked,” Watson says, noting they also offer and deliver a variety of moving supplies and reusable plastic wardrobes.
  • They’re easy to move. While a smaller size is available for heavy items like books, the typical box is 3.2 cubic feet, or 90 liters – 24” X 20” X 12”. They have solid handles and stack easily for transporting, while protecting your belongings inside – no need to worry about the bottom falling out!
  • It’s affordable and flexible. If you need some boxes to declutter your home for showing, then more for the actual move, Frog Box offers the flexibility to do that! If you have questions about how many Frog Boxes you might need, give them a call, they’re happy to help.


Ready to plan your next move? Hop to it at or call Scott Watson at 250-884-5131 today.

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