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In a junk funk? There’s a solution for that!

Junk knows no bounds. After all, virtually every home has at least a little bit of clutter. Some homes have a lot. 

Whatever your junk funk is, the professional team at JUSTJUNK in London can help clear it for you, recycling and donating goods where possible, and giving you back your space, often in just one day! 

When to call in the pros

Full-service junk removal companies make the work easy for anyone. Often it’s not the small collections of clutter that cause the problems but the larger junk. Old couches, TVs or piles of junk that would take too many trips for one person to remove … it’s times like these when JUSTJUNK is a great option. 

Leave it to the professionals to do all the lifting, loading, hauling and disposal. They pick up those couches and TVs, lifting them out of whatever floor they’re on. 

Clutter solutions you can feel good about

Operator David Lee has seen it all in JUSTJUNK’s first year in London. 

“Whether you’re looking for help cleaning up after a summer reno project or you’re a business that needs to declutter, we’ve got the expertise to take the stress and headaches out of the job,” Lee says. “And we’re more than just your regular garbage pickup.”

JUSTJUNK has a prominent recycling and donating program that works to divert as much as 60 per cent of what’s removed. The teams sort recyclable and donatable items throughout the day, then take them to recycling and charitable donation centres around London instead of local landfills. 

“It’s included right in the business model,” Lee says, “so each franchise works hard to make sure that everything is disposed of properly.”

Same-day service

For customers looking to have any size of junk removed from the home, backyard, apartment, warehouse or office, arranging it is easy. With a quick call or website visit, you can book a JUSTJUNK visit on the same day. So forget the hassle of finding a truck, coaxing some friends come pack everything in, and then help you get rid of it – JUSTJUNK will have it all done in minutes!

“Our customers are so happy after we visit,” Lee says, noting that junk around a home or business can quickly become overwhelming.

“It’s our business to make sure our clients feel that relief when their space is their own again, and not cluttered up with something they haven’t needed in years,” Lee says. “Every case is different, but that reaction is almost always the same – they’re happy.”

For more information, visit or call today at 519-932-1444!


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