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Best vintage cars

The sites are bursting at the seams with amazing vintage cars. Be prepared to fall in love as you look at these beauties, all for sale right now!

1975 Volkswagen Beetle

Also known as the Mexican bug, this beauty brings a little bit of the sunny south to you, no need to leave Ottawa. The bug needs a little love and care, but most parts are included in the purchase and the owner is also considering a trade.

1970 Super Bee Clone

Speaking of insects, can you spot the bumble bee wings in this one? No? Take a closer look at the grill. Just like a bee, this ride will cause a buzz. Contact the seller on for a closer look.

1952 Mercury Sun Valley

Meet sunshine, the car that drives away Victoria’s rainiest days. With a rebuilt engine, transmission and most other parts, spotless interior plus chromed and polished exterior, this 1952 Mercury will turn some heads.

1966 Ford Thunderbird

This two door hardtop has been in the family for 30 years. It’s not only a great looking ride, but it has quite the advanced features, including power steering and power windows. Maintained professionally this Thunderbird is ready for some adventures!

1938 Chevrolet Master Deluxe

You don’t see a classic car in this great condition every day. The three speed Chevrolet Master Deluxe opens (four) doors to the world of beautiful cars and unforgettable rides. Contact the seller for more pictures and a test drive across Prince Edward Island.

1952 Henry J

Only manufactured for four years, the Henry J has become a rather rare sight, especially on Vancouver Island. While this car was initially built as a low end vehicle to the lower income market, this particular model has had some work done to it, shining inside and out.

1969 Buick Skylark Custom

Touch the sky and the stars as you soak in the sun in this fun custom Buick Skylark. You’ll have to invest in some interior and exterior upgrades, but it runs great and is a steal of a deal.

1989 Rover Mini

Why get a new one, when an original Rover Mini is looking for a new home?! This small, fun ride puts the excitement back into city driving with a rust free body, great running engine and gorgeous custom made cherry dashboard.


1971 Ford Mustang Convertible

As one of only 259 sporting this medium metallic brown colour, this rare Mustang comes well equipped with some fancy features. According to the current owner it has been brilliantly cared for by its two documented owners. Bring some love and care for this car and mark your calendars, as it turns 44 on February 2, 2015.

1980 MGB

You’ll have a tough time finding a MGB in better condition than this one on Its original Pageant Blue exterior still shines without any rust and some parts have been upgraded over time. Don’t hesitate to take a closer look!


Close your eyes. Which one do you see yourself in as you’re racing towards the horizon? To find more well priced vintage cars, take a look at your local site and follow @UsedRides on Instagram.





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