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The summer heat is enjoyable, but only for so long, then it can get just too hot! If the A/C is broken or nonexistent, you must find ways to stay cool. Here are the best of our heat hacks!

purplepatioumbrellaRock what you’ve got

Don’t forget the obvious ways to keep cool – they are life savers. For outside use umbrellas and parasols for shade at the beach, in the backyard or when you are out-and-about. Set up a hammock in some shady trees and enjoy the breeze (if there is one). To stay cool inside, put your blinds down and keep them down. Stay out of the kitchen when the temperature is high. Turn to cold foods (cereal, sandwiches and salads), or take a portable grill outside to enjoy cooked dishes without adding to the heat! You could even make cookies in your car like our friend Andrea!

cellingfanBecome a fan of cooling down

If you are in the market for simple ways to beat the heat, then find a deal. Whether you are looking for an air conditioner or cooling fan you don’t need to splurge on these seasonal items. Fans are easy to find on your local site and great for cooling, especially with the following hacks. Place fans in window sills and try putting wet cloths on them. Place a frozen bottle of water in front of your fan and when it melts swap it with another bottle that has been kept in the freezer. Focus on the room’s air flow, sometimes two fans are a must in order to circulate the air instead of blowing around the hot air. For the summer, make sure your ceiling fans are spinning in a counterclockwise direction – this ensures that the air is blowing down and cooling the room.

popsicleIce ice baby

We’re talking an ice maker, a fridge or freezer for every room, ice cube trays, ice cream makers and coolers. Everything and anything that is ice cold and all available on our sites – just click each link. Have you ever frozen a wet sponge, your bed sheets or your bedtime book? By putting these items in the freezer for a few hours their coolness will soothe you. And for extra chill, buy aloe vera gel and put it in an ice cube tray to use on your skin, it’s great for sunburns!

Summer time and popsicles go hand-in-hand. When snacking on popsicles, put a muffin liner on the stick to catch sticky drips. Here’s our favourite homemade popsicle recipe!

water bottleWater baby

Get the kids outside and playing in the water; grab secondhand pools or run the hose (but remember to be mindful of any water bans). Check out this sprinkler made from an old pop bottle, so cheap and easy. We made a mini version by using the smallest size of safety pin to “almost” puncture holes through a water bottle, and by simply squeezing the bottle a fine mist comes out. Perfect for the beach or patio!

lemonadestandCapitalize on the heat

On a hot day do something cool, while making a bit of cash! Teach your kids how to make a lemonade stand with our lemonade 101 guide. It’s easy and will take everyone’s mind off the temperature. Who knows, maybe you will end up with a young entrepreneur on your hands!

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