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Love it or hate it, it’s back to school time!


Back to school is a phrase that polarizes people into two groups: the back to school lovers and haters. For the lovers, this time of year is filled with excitement, organization and anticipation; while for the haters, the last days of summer are filled with dread and procrastination. Either way you cut it, is here with tips to easily transition from the carefree days back to hitting the books!

For elementary students

Buying used kids’ clothes: back to school tips

For middle/high school students

Back to school essentials: how to buy used

For university students

Back to school: the students’ guide to moving

Check your local site for back to school items! Place an ad for unwanted items to make some cash for after-school activities!

Do you have a great back to school money saving tip? Post it in the comments below.



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