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Avoiding ticket scams


How to avoid ticket scams

Scoring bargain tickets for concerts, events and sports games can be a real thrill and is a great place to find them. We often see ads for sold out shows in our listings and know that many of our users have been lucky enough to attend events they may have otherwise missed.

Unfortunately there is a downside to buying tickets from unregistered vendors and some people find themselves with counterfeit tickets and a hole in their pocket. Follow these tips to avoid ticket scams:


Ask for a copy of the seller’s invoice. If they do not have one, ask that they request a copy. Most reputable ticket agencies provide an invoice or payment stub with tickets.

Account or reference numbers

Ask the seller for the account number which usually appears at the top of a ticket. Call the ticket agency and cross reference this number with the name of the seller. Remember, you are protecting yourself, so requesting this information is appropriate. If the seller does not want to provide the details you are asking for, there is reason to be suspicious.

If you can, meet the seller at the event venue and verify the tickets with the ticket office. If this isn’t possible, call the ticket agency and ask their advice, providing as many details as possible from the tickets.


Know the original prices of tickets you are purchasing and compare to other listings on the site. Check seating plans with the venue and double check dates. This sounds elementary but you would be surprised!

Meet in person

We recommend you meet in person regardless of what purchase you are making. Pay in cash and avoid online transactions if you have not seen the items prior to paying. If you feel the seller is putting unnecessary pressure on you, or something about the sale makes you feel uneasy, walk away.


Ask for photo identification from the seller and note down their name and ID number when you meet them. This is in case the tickets were purchased with a stolen credit card.


E-tickets are easily duplicated and can be printed many times. We advise only buying E-tickets from people you know and trust personally, otherwise avoid the sale.

Box office tickets

Box office tickets may have a name attached that must be changed before another person can use them. Be aware of this. Check with the venue or ticket agency if this is the case and if the name cannot be changed, avoid the sale.

Be vigilant

Protecting yourself against ticket scams is straight forward if you make an effort to be vigilant. Many happy customers purchase tickets on our sites and it’s rare we are notified of scams. If you see an ad that strikes you as suspicious, use our report ad tool and alert our moderators.

For further information and tips for protecting yourself when using classified sites read our blog post: A guide to shopping safely online.





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