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Manage your budget, and track your progress in real time. This flexible platform caters to businesses of all sizes, empowering you to reach your desired audience with precision and efficiency.

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“I have had a lot of customers come in and say ‘hey, I saw you on there [].’ More than any other place that I have advertised.” 

– Ryan Harris
Owner, Recyclistas Bike Shop

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Get your business into thousands of inboxes each month

As many as 250,000 messages are sent to our users by interested buyers each month. Add your brand and we will deliver it to our users’ inboxes.

Weekly campaigns reach up to 45,000 users

Because our users are motivated to sell their items, they open their emails from interested buyers. Campaigns have an open rate around 90 per cent.

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It’s not a sales pitch; it’s a story

Usedful News sponsored content is professionally-written, editorial-style content that creates trust between your brand and your consumer.

What’s included?

A professional writer will work with you to create an article including links to website, social media, product, and video. The article will appear in the Usedful News section of your city site, on both mobile and desktop, and on our Facebook and Instagram channels. will manage a targeted boost for your article for seven days to reach your target client demographics created by our in-house social media experts.

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Drive business to you with a Autofeed

With an Autofeed, we will automatically post your inventory to the city site of your choice.

Post your entire inventory the easy way

  • Low maintenance
  • Zero manual work
  • Unlimited posts
  • Automatic ad renewals
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Advertise on the go with our mobile app

Our mobile app is our fastest growing platform. Our daily and monthly active users have grown by 130 per cent in the last year. And that number keeps growing!

Reach users where they spend their time – on their phone!

Our users come back to our mobile app more than three times a day. That adds up to over 3 million screen views each month.

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Display advertising where it counts.

Our users are savvy, our brand is trusted and we are digital marketing experts with an expansive national reach.

Here are some other options!

  • Digital display ad campaigns
  • Featured and top ad packages
  • Branded storefronts
  • Custom packages

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