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Contact us about advertising is a network of family-friendly, classifieds. Connect with millions of people already online and ready to buy.

How our campaigns work

  • Targeted strategies to reach specific and qualified buyers, either local, provincial or national
  • Measurable campaigns – we provide CTR reports to show you how many people view your ad and how many clicked through to your website or promotion
  • Custom campaigns including artwork start as low as $300/month
  • Large choice of ad sizes and locations
  • Average campaigns run for 3-12 months and you can cancel anytime with 30 days notice

Contact us

Contact the advertising team for more information or to discuss the best solution for your business.

Shawn Magnus, Sales Manager
1-888-480-3250 Ext. 3298

Kay Vandervalk
1-888-480-3250 Ext. 3271

David Heisel
1-888-480-3250 Ext. 3255

Tim Trottier