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Ad Description: Which is More Appealing?

Do you remember our post about the toaster ad from a few weeks ago? We’ve been refining it, and have now narrowed down to three alternative ways to sell an item, like a toaster, on one of the Used websites. Tell us what you think – which way would sell you the toaster?

1. Storytelling

Although a picture speaks a thousand words, sometimes adding a story may help to give your item some character and the buyer an incentive to take a look at it. For example:

My toaster needs a new home. My grandmother originally bought it in the 1940s and then it went to my dad, who gave it to me. It’s always been on the counter of our kitchen. To this day it makes the perfect toast; never too under-toasted, and never too over-toasted. 

So why would I be selling a toaster this special? My kids are getting to that age where they get into just about everything. And, although the toaster is working beautifully, toasters this old don’t have the same safety features that the new ones have. So it\’s time to replace it.

2. Specs Only

Another way to sell a used item is to just state the facts. For example:

Manufacturer: Chicago Flexible Shaft Co

Brand Name: Sunbeam

Model Number: T9

Details: The T-9 Half-Round Sunbeam.

Produced: late-1930s through the 40s

Description (from an advertisement): Its lovely oval design (is) the last word in modern styling by George Scharfenberg.

for more details see:

3. Keywords

Some buyers know what they’re looking forward and don’t want to spend a lot of time searching or reading. So using key words that attract their attention is another way to go. For example:

Collectors, Set Decorators, Electronic Restoration

This toaster is for you. Perfect for any kitchen.

It’s cheap, it works, and it looks good to boot.

A great kitchen accessory.

So that’s our three toaster ad ideas. What do you think?

Which one would you use? Let us know.

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