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5 Things For The Kids, 5 Things For You

Last week we wrote up a tongue-in-cheek back to school checklistfor the almost undergrad. This week we’ve got a little something for a little someone: the elementary school student. Fret not hardworking mom, it’s not all about the kids. For every back to elementary school necessity we list, there will be another item just for you!

5 For Them

1) Notepad and Erasers for $1
2) New Duds

3) Themed Backpacks
4) Slick Shoes

5) Coloring Markers!

5 For You

1) Something That Feels Nice (Like a Vibrating Puff Massager)

2) Your Favorite Television Show on DVD

3) Clean, Clean, Clean Supplies

4) Garage Sale Section of

5) Gift Certificates to that Thing You Love

Happy Monday!

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